The one word great CEOs never use (and you are using it a lot)

So what is this Voldemort-like word that I have never heard Larry, Mark or Jack say?

Revenue**.Yup, revenue. A fundamental metric used by employees, investors, media, analysts and the general public to gauge how a company is doing. One of the core measures of performance and growth for a company.

So what do they talk about instead with various internal and external constituents, if not revenue?

They create compelling narratives. They articulate the company’s purpose and strategy, as well as how it will win a market. They obsess over customers and products.

Revenue is a lagging indicator.

Revenue is a natural outgrowth of doing the right things on every other dimension that matters. Purpose. Strategy. Customers. Products. Employees.

Source: The one word great CEOs never use – Medium by Gokul Rajaram who has worked with founders of Google, Facebook and Square.

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