WhatsApp Arrives on JioPhone

Jio phone picture
Jio phone picture

After successful completion of the trials, WhatsApp will be available for JioPhone across India. WhatsApp built a new version of its private messaging app for JioPhone, running the Jio-KaiOS.

WhatsApp will be available on the JioPhone AppStore starting 10th September, 2018 and will be rolled out on all JioPhones by 20th September, 2018

In less than two years of launch, Jio garnered a subscriber base of over 215 Million users.

JioPhone In Numbers

In the last one year of JioPhone’s launch, JioPhone has achieved many milestones (as claimed by the company, especially point #4):

  1. JioPhone, launched by Reliance Retail Limited, has become the largest selling phone in India, ever
  2. Out of every 10 phones sold in the sub-Rs 1,500 price-range, 8 are JioPhones
  3. The number of Voice Commands used on a JioPhone surpasses that on a smartphone by 5 times
  4. JioPhone users spend more time using the internet and applications than even smartphone users

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