Every year at Unpluggd we bring you new startups with innovative product and here are the selected 10 that launched at the conference.

Go ahead and try these products.

Don’t Scratch Your Head (DSYH)
HQ- Ahmedabad
URL: http://www.dsyh.in/
About DSYH: With a SAAS based platform, this startup aims to solve a pain point for the online sellers which is which is real-time payments & inventory reconciliation. They connect multi-channel enterprise companies to the sellers and makes reconciliation easy.

HQ- Bangalore
URL: http://sendx.io/
About SendX: This platform makes email marketing easier and more effective. The user does not have to use mutiple tools to understand user insights. You can see detailed reports about how your widgets are performing ( impression to conversion ) funnel. You can tweak changes or run A/B testing within seconds to grow your business.

HQ- Mumbai
URL: http://www.cupshup.co.in/

About Cup Shup: CupShup aims to convert the tea stalls/canteens of the country into discussion joints by advertising on the paper tea cups. Its target audience include Students, Working Professionals, HNIs and other segments.

HQ: Pal Alto/ Chennai
URL: http://www.klenty.com/
About Klenty: klenty is a Chrome Extn & SaaS for B2B Outbound Sales Teams to Prospect, Outreach & Scale-up and hence convert more Sales Demos & Meetings.

URL: https://headspin.io/
About Headspin: Headspin allows you to test instantly on global cell networks without adding any code. The platform was created to provide real world network metrics for testing around the world.

HQ: Bangalore
URL: https://botengage.co.in/
About Botengage: It is a platform that provides chat bot building, hosting and analytics capabilities for publishers to help improve their engagement.

HQ: Gurgaon
URL: http://www.hatetowaitapp.com/
About Hate2Wait: This app lets its users stay updated about their turn while waiting in line. They hold a place for the users in the line and check their place and let them know exactly when it is their turn.

HQ: Bangalore
URL: https://www.tacnik.com/
About Tacnik: It is a platform for video gaming enthusiasts where they can pursue their passion without money or availability being a barrier.

HQ: Bangalore
URL: http://www.ziptest.io
About Ziptest: It helps you test your mobile apps for functional and performance issues. It improves mobile application testing process for developers/teams through tools spanning manual & automation testing.

SayPay Technologies
URL: http://saypaytechnologies.com/
About SayPay: SayPay Technologies is a Voice Biometric Payment solution where users can authorize eCommerce purchases, P2P, Bill Pay, etc. by speaking the unique one-time crypto-token generated at run-time into the mobile app.


UnPluggd Launch Stage was supported by GenNext Hub, a Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) backed startup program powered by Microsoft Ventures. GenNext Hub focuses on helping startups scale-up with its 4-month “Scalerator” model and evolve from a “Minimum Viable Product” to a “Minimum Viable Company”.