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Grab an opportunity to showcase your product (and business) in front of India Business, Geeky & Investor Crowd – and gain that ‘extra edge’ over your competition.

UnPluggd Launch Stage: All Great Startups Start Here.
UnPluggd Launch Stage: All Great Startups Start Here.

Go ahead and fill the application form [last date is Oct 30th]. For more details, check the UnPluggd website.

UnPluggd has done wonders to launch startups!

With over 100+ startups launching at the conference and having raised more than $750mn, UnPluggd is clearly the most amazing conference in this part of the world.

Apply for UnPluggd 2018 Launch Stage

UnPluggd is India's largest and most impactful showcase of tech startups. All great startups start at UnPluggd. Apply for the launchpad (last date is Nov 1st).
  • Who is your customer? Who will pay for your product?
  • Share the URL of product screenshot(s) or any other image that represents your product / business.
  • Youtube and Vimeo only.
  • Your HQ city
  • Share your details

  • Fame? Funding? Customers? Be precise, so that we can help you achieve this.
  • Tell us something you didn't share with anybody else :) It could be a trivia around your team, your early days etc etc!
  • Use this space to share founder details or anything else you would like us to know.