So day before yesterday, the Indian startup ecosystem was talking about @confident_India twitter account (apparently, Sharad sharma was being accussed of running that anon Twitter/troll account, but Sharad has denied).

And today, the ‘ecosystem’ is talking about the @uni_con1 account, which apparently has been busted. Seems it belongs to Rajan Gupta of u2opia (Vijay has more scoop on this).

All cool ? Mil gaya aaj ka masala?

Well, for an ecosystem that refuses to indulge in talking about ideas and discussions*, this is the most apt quote I could find.

Great minds discuss ideas;

Average minds discuss events;

Small minds discuss people.

While (social) media is going to have fun fueling into more of these ‘masala’ (and negative) sentiments, if you are an entrepreneur – please help me understand this:

What would it take for entrepreneurs / productgeeks to discuss ideas / products in public forums?

Why is this community** – which is supposed to be driving force for the new economy so ‘small minded’, to only talk about people (my predictions for next week : VSS, Snapdeal founders) and not ideas/future/something more interesting?

The mediocrity does show up in the quality of products we build (there are exceptional companies, but largely clones/mediocre execution).

*FYI: We have been profiling very amazing products (Indian/global), but most of the traffic / engagement on these are coming from outside India! Ditto with great product entries (for profiling).

**: Shall we bring back the community forum at the center stage? Pls share. You can drop me an email : or just sharing in the form below.