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  • Google – The Road Ahead

    Filed under: jellyfish,french map,google. Google has got 2 new competitor – 1. French government, and 2. jellyfish In the past, few governments have expressed concerns over Google’s satellite imagery (Google doesn’t mind showing other countries millitary base/sensitive details, although’White house’ is completely covered with blankets!! Double standards eh? ). The security issues prompted the French […] More

  • Microsoft finds Google Girlish

    Filed Under: adcenter,girlish google,microsoft Newly launched Microsoft’s adcenter’s Demographics Prediction tool (MS’s answer to google’s Adsense) enables (or claims to) an advertiser to predict their customer’s age/gender/demographic details. Enter in the textbox, and the results shows Google as a female. Have a look While Microsoft is a male! :-D Will we see some chemistry […] More

  • Businesweek’s Top 100 Global Companies

    Businessweek has compiled the list of top 100 Global companies. Data from S&P, was used to compile the list. Few of the criteria for filtering the list were: 1. Companies had to have revenues of at least $500 million 2. Companies whose stock price has dropped more than 75%, whose sales shrank, or where other […] More

  • Desktop search – Google vs. Microsoft

    The internet community had felt the need for a desktop search, but the need was never really addressed properly. Until Google came. While google didn’t had the first mover advantage (though there were other products like X1,Copernicus, dtsearch, etc..but they hardly had any awareness in the internet community), it was successful in gaining a good […] More

  • (By) Products of all time

      Here is the list of top 25 Worst tech Products of all time (compiled by pcworld). Ironically, Apple and IBM are featured twice and Microsoft makes it appearance thrice! America Online (1989-2006) RealNetworks RealPlayer (1999) Syncronys SoftRAM (1995) Microsoft Windows Millennium (2000) Sony BMG Music CDs (2005) Disney The Lion King CD-ROM (1994) Microsoft […] More

  • Comparison of free blogging tools..

    Who should read this? – Bloggers who are looking for free blogging tools (typepad etc. paid tools excluded) Over the past few months, I have been struggling to get my *almost perfect* blogging tool and looks like I have found one: Before we go ahead and start comparing, let’s define the evaluation parameters:: 1. Free […] More