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  • Tracking World News Made Easy

    Do you find it difficult to keep a track of what’s happening in diff. parts of the world? What if an application allows you to access all the news from the world map itself? (instead of you subscribing to news feeds from newspapers across the world) Sounds really cool? MappedUp, a personalized news application tracks […] More

  • Crash into Me – Take a Backup too

    Left with a crashed computer? Apart from the fact that it’s a painful experience, not having a backup of your data is all the more scary. One of the major reasons why people don’t take backup is because they don’t know how to! Or probably its too technical or too time consuming to burn those […] More

  • Staying in a Happy Country?

    A recent study by Adrian White (Analytic Social Psychologist at the University of Leicester) shows that Denmark is the happiest country in the world and Burundi in Africa is the most unhappy. According to the study, happiness is found to be most closely associated with health, followed by wealth and education. Few interesting findings from […] More

  • Internet – Down the Memory Lane

    Here is a chance to take a walk down the Internet memory lane and watch the evolution of webpages/sites /technology. The ‘Internet Archive‘ has archived billions of web pages since 1996. These pages are a snapshot of how internet evolved – right from those texty/simple sites to the Ajaxed/stylish ones. The webpages, during the early […] More

  • Modify your Flickr pics – Online (For Free )

    Great news for Flickr users – Now, you can modify/manipulate your flickr pics online and push them back to your Flickr pool. (even for the free account holders) Preloadr – integrates the freely available Flickr APIs and nexImage platform to provide a rich image editing experience. How does it work? Preloadr doesnt need another login/pwd […] More

  • Wowed by Google Talk!

    There are 3 categories of contacts/friends one has: 1. Whom you always want to be in your IM list 2. whom you never want to be in your IM list 3. whom you don’t mind in your IM list – people whom you will never send a ‘Add Friend’ request, but you are quite okay […] More

  • eBay Chucks out Google’s Checkout

    Call it Fear of competition or a a self-destruction move, eBay is banning sellers who are requesting payment through Google Checkout. eBay’s updated payment policy (updated after the launch of Google’s Checkout) states that “eBay will consider the following factors, among others, in making its determination: “Whether the payment service has a substantial historical track […] More

  • Google – Noun or a Verb?

    Filed Under: trademark issue,Google Verb;goog tm A mistaken name (Googool to Google). A successful company. And now a verb. Google Yes. officially. Oxford English Dictionary(OED), in its latest update (June 15th, 2006) has added Google to its list. While this is a big testimonial to Google’s success, it also brings trademark issues along. Will Google […] More

  • Come one.Come All. Lets Shop!

    Filed under: teambuy,chinese,shopping 2.0, Talk of volume discounts? Well, Chinese consumers are talking about Discount Volumes. Chinese sites like /, enable consumers to discuss their shopping list online, decide on the shopping location/stores/time. And then these consumers enter the store in huge numbers (100+), and ask for a huge insane discount% (which ranges […] More

  • Online Newspaper Readers – Profitable Target for Advertising?

    Filed under:Online newspaper, advertising Are online newspaper readers avid buyers too? Well, YES! NAA (Newspaper Association of America), in its recent study found that People who visit newspaper Web sites on an average day are more likely to make online purchases, and make greater use of the Internet for advertising, shopping information and various types […] More

  • Paypal’s new Pal?- Checkout

    Filed under:: Checkout,online payment,competition for paypal With the launch of its online payment system – Checkout, Google is surely going to change the way consumers manage their e-wallet. First things first. It’s not a beta product (yay!) How does it work? All you need to do is create a Google account (i.e. register your credit […] More

  • Blogging Tool Comparison Continued..

    Continuing from my earlier post on wordpress vs blogger comparison — Few of the features that need mention are: Import/Export:: Well, if you are in Blogger and want to switch to wordpress, its damn easy. WP has a cool import feature. But this is a 1-way street. You cannot import wordpress/non-blogger blog to Blogger. The […] More