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  • Artificial Intelligence

    AI Effect: How the Business & Consumers have evolved

    With the emergence of Artificial Intelligence or AI, businesses are undergoing drastic evolution. Enterprises of today are able to consumer humongous amount of information and leverage the same for smarter decision making, across a wide multitude of products and services. We further live in a time where steady advancements can be witnessed in the ways […] More

  • TAMO

    Tata Motors forays into future mobility solutions with TAMO

    The automotive industry is facing a discontinuity in the nature of mobility, and the products & services needed to satisfy the emerging customer preferences. These emerging trends may lead to a new set of competitors thus causing disruption in the traditional operating models (it’s already happening in US). To secure a future position in a […] More

  • Uber Gave This Indian Hacker $13500 Bounty Prize

    Hacker Anand Prakash showed Uber how anyone could have hacked into the system and got a free ride. He even took permission from Uber Team and took free rides in United States and India and wasn’t charged from any of the payment methods. And the total bug bounty prize money Anand has received from Uber? $13500 […] More

  • Your Brain Is Primed To Reach False Conclusions 

    If you want someone to accept information that contradicts what they already know, you have to find a story they can buy into. That requires bridging the narrative they’ve already constructed to a new one that is both true and allows them to remain the kind of person they believe themselves to be. Source: Your […] More

  • Data : Android App Monetized Inventory Volume will beat iOS in 2017

    Mobile app inventory has emerged as a key digital display growth driver globally in 2016, with Android apps leading the charge. Android app eCPMs improved by 79% in Q4 2016 over the same period in 2015, following at least double-digit year over year growth each previous quarter of the year. Android’s leadership in eCPM growth […] More

  • WhatsApp Status : Are you really using it?

    So WhatsApp launched Status few days back. While the founders stated that the launch was a result of discussion between the founders on how to improve the status feature, you can’t ignore the fact that it was timed to dampen Facebook’s rival, Snap’s IPO. But then, few days into Status and I think people have given up […] More

  • The Uber episode, capitalism and arrogance of tech founders

    By now, you must have watched how Uber CEO Travis argued with a ‘partner’ driver, showing off his arrogance and short temper. After being questioned, he even rated the driver one star. Since he is caught, Travis has apologized and will now look for ‘leadership help’. It’s clear this video is a reflection of me—and the criticism […] More

  • Which Hyperloop route do you want? Mum-Delhi in 80 mins ? Chennai to Bangalore in 20 mins?

    Hyperloop One will soon starting working in India and the company wants to know which route would you like to see going *hyperlooped* first? India, vote for your fav route from 1 of our proposed 5. Now traveling doesn’t need to take days! #VisionForIndia — HyperloopOne (@HyperloopOne) February 28, 2017 How about Koramangala to […] More

  • Annotation is now a web standard ! 

    On February 23, W3C, the standards body for the Web, standardized annotation. “Many websites already allow comments, but current […] systems rely on unique, usually proprietary technologies chosen and provided by publishers. Notes cannot be shared easily across the Web and comments about a Web page can only be saved and viewed via a single […] More

  • Several Indian sites are affected by Cloudflare’s #Cloudbleed HTTPS Traffic Leak (The List)

    Between 2016-09-22 – 2017-02-18 passwords, private messages, API keys, and other sensitive data were leaked by Cloudflare to random requesters. Data was cached by search engines, and may have been collected by random adversaries over the past few months. Here are a list of few (Indian) sites that have been impacted – you should change […] More