• The premature death of Transportation as a Service in India

    And why we may not skip car ownership just yet. After I moved back to India, I almost bought a car. But after looking at Gurgaon’s roads, the cost of ownership and the traffic I might have to deal with, I decided against it. More so because Ola (an India specific Uber competitor backed by […] More

  • Indian Cab Industry : Survival of the fittest

    Recent news on Softbank, writing off its investment in OLA; and change in revenue model by Uber; clearly validate the below hypothesis which was published in my previous article. Hypothesis# 1: – Cab aggregators are not working towards answering the most important question of this industry “Which side of the cab equation (drivers and consumers) […] More

  • The Irony. Ola wants “foreign funded” companies to stop predatory pricing

    Ola is raising its next round of funding $600mn+ and the company now wants its ‘foreign funded’ competitors, a.k.a Uber to stop predatory pricing. The company wants government to stop ‘capital dumping’ by Uber. “There is an urgent need for adequate regulation to curb predatory pricing and capital dumping in the ecosystem in the interest of […] More

  • 2 Ola Drivers Arrested For Raping And Killing 12-Year-Old Girl

    2 Ola Cab Drivers allegedly raped a 12-Year-Old girl and threw her body off the Kolkata bridge. The victim lived on a pavement with her mother in central Kolkata, and was forced into the cab by the two drivers. A statement from Ola said, “We are saddened by the reports of the alleged misbehaviour of a […] More

  • Ola In Trouble! Drivers Protest At Chennai Office

    Close to 100 Ola drivers have gathered at the company’s Chennai office protesting on several issues, reports ET. According to the drivers, Ola has set a high performance bar which makes it tougher for incentives. Also, Ola Micro which is the cheapest ride being offered by Ola [ Rs 6/km] does not pay enough to […] More

  • The War Is Still On! Ola, Uber Deny Any Intent Of Business Together

    Reportedly, Uber is aiming to acquire a controlling stake in Ola. Uber will then be likely to get around 74% share, leaving only 26% to SoftBank. ANI technologies, promoters of OLA cabs have categorically denied any intention to sell its stake to Uber. “We would like to state that the article is completely false, malicious.”

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