Google Search now throws up Tweets in a more graphical way on mobile devices, with both companies announcing the feature and adding that a desktop version was also on the way. The whole premise for the tie-up is to serve users of Google Search with more real-time information that surfaces on Twitter, which also seems to be the case of how Google decides whether to showcase tweets.

The campus will be spread across 7.2-acres at Gachibowliand and will be Google’s first own campus in Asia. Telangana IT minister KT Rama Rao said the company would invest Rs 1,000 crore to set up the facility spread across 7-acres that will create over 6,000 jobs. Hyderabad will also be the first in India to be covered by Google Street View.

The most recent of such attacks was one where an image of an Android urinating on the Apple Logo was uploaded onto Google Maps, forcing the company to make the move. Just in April Google announced that it was working on improving spam detection for Map Maker, but now it seems as though the company is resorting to more drastic efforts. Pavithra Kanakarajan, project manager of Google Map Maker said that the service will remain shut until the team figures out “more intelligent mechanisms to prevent such incidents.”

Google claims that just 54% of video ads on average across the web are viewable, excluding YouTube, where video ads are 91% viewable. Low viewability was casused due to ads playing in the background, with 76% of non-viewable ads were in a background tab or never on-screen at all, while the remaining 24% were scrolled off-screen or abandoned in fewer than two seconds.

The new feature rolled out by Google requires users to update the Google app on their Android device and turn on notifications via Google Now. Once this is done, users can simply type, “send a note to my phone” or “send directions to my phone” into the search bar, which will open up a small card that lets you type in the note, or specify directions. This data is then sent to the users’ smartphone as a notification. The functionality isn’t just limited to notes and directions, with users being able to set reminders, alarms and find the location of their phone directly from the search bar on their PC.