When a kid is born in India, she loses her right to be a human, immediately. Like a per-condition.

She now has option only to be either a horse or a donkey, compared to her peers.

She has to surrender her individuality, right after the birth, and then starts the grand wild race called life, for her.

Supposed to be a human, she is artificially controlled by a model which has the corrupt dataset fed into it, for hundreds of years. And the moral of that model is that, life is a race. Everyone has only two choices, be a donkey or a horse.

The race which starts from now “Pre-Nursery” at 2 years, continues till she is dead. There is no respite and she can never be herself. The model controls every action, decision based on the premise that she has to win this race called life.

A life in today’s world ends basically in the second year itself, rest all the years are mere robotic. The real terrifying “artifical intelligence” which we should be wary of, but we are not.


“Artificial Intelligence” because there is no common-sense to it.

Thankfully, there are some sane and progressive society, who don’t feel that life has to be a race.

Singapore has declared now that whether a child has finished first or second in her class would not be indicated in her report card from next year, amplifying that “learning is not competition“.

Report books will not just stop showing a student’s position in relation to class or cohort. The information to be dropped includes:

  • Class and level mean
  • Minimum and maximum marks
  • Underlining and/or colouring of failing marks
  • Pass/fail for end-of-year result
  • Mean subject grades
  • Overall total marks

The change is to allow each student to focus on his or her learning progress and discourage them from being overly concerned about comparisons (via).


  1. Chandrakant Narayan Gawande Reply

    Right decision. As boys /girls will enjoy study without any pressure, they will develop interest and some generous will reach to the top. In india we are producing copy master. Creativity, sensitivity, and self thinking capacity will automatically grow,. Students are already suppressed due to extra load of books and homework plus there is pressure of parents. Ultimately in life what educated boys /girls are doing they do something which they never study in college, practical life is different so good decision and our experts should study the pros and cons of new system

  2. Subrata Biswas Reply

    Excellent job done.It is not proper learning by entering into competition.Children just grab the studies during examination and vomit in the answer sheet during examination.After that they forget what they studied.This is really not an education but competition which make them not a proper human being.

  3. Kailash jivrajka Reply

    very good decision to save our children from fierce competition to get the desired rank .
    No pressure on parents either to force the child
    for endless study. I feel other countries should also follow .

  4. Shirin Chandy Reply

    Kudos to Singapore govt for this initiative. Best decision so far in the field of education as an atmosphere of learning without stress is what creates educated civilized people/ citizens. On the other hand the present system is only churning out batches of selfish, impractical, ruthless children only focussed on success in any way and are devoid of emotional skills or lifeskills that will help them to face the vagaries of life. They emerge broken, dissatisfied and completely at loss in most cases. Bring an educator I’m disappointed that our hands are tied to a great extent when it comes to shaping the future generation.

  5. Thyagarajan Reply

    Excellent move singapore. Every country should ture over their head to bring up a wounderfull world in future.

  6. Manjunath k r Reply

    Great decision taken by the Singapore govt, every child is special, individual & unique in all respect .Here too the same initiation to be taken.

  7. Lakshmi Ashwin Reply

    It’s nice to c these kind of initiative is been taken. It helps children to learn better.

  8. If this can happen in India, I am sure there will first of all be less suicides. Stress not only on parents but also on children will take a back seat. Equality both during education and at work will prevail and above all real and deserving people will steal the limelight at work. To implement such conditions, corruption must first go!!??

  9. Gangoor G H Reply

    It is aeccellent decision . The child growth, both mentally and physically different for each one. Completion at an early stage has become deterent for opening up his/her special capabilities , as every one is born with uniqueness. Competition at a later stage say above certain age 21 years is exeptable . I hope such good things will wake up Indian education system .

  10. Well done great decision tamil.nadu and pudicherry govt should implement the same

  11. Good Going.Hard off to the government of Singapore for implemecnting such D ecission.

  12. Tapashi Guha Reply

    Excellent decision…let children be themselves. Each and everyone has special talents which should be nurtured.

    • Uma Upadhyay Reply

      Absolutely a great decision for stress free kids and schools too which will enhance childrens progress naturally as per their callibre in partucular field they are intetested in .

  13. Ms.Manju Sadarangani Reply

    This awakening was long due …Kudos to this decision taken by Singapore Education Authority .

    Hope such a decision is soon emulated in India too…

  14. Bhavesh veera Reply

    It’s good to know if there is no peer to peer competition everyone will get admission in medical,engineering or law.

    Workimg now from last 20 yrs, I think peer to peer competition is a good way to get best out of someone.
    Looks like education ministers in Singapore could not understand this and scrapped it completely.

    Good for other countries,we will have less competition from Asia now.
    Enjoy your freedom.

  15. Dr Srinivasan Vathsal Reply

    Good initiative. All are individually have talents which are different.
    Comparison is bad and lead to inferior or superior feelings.
    Life is a journey to learn

  16. Samir mehta Reply

    Excellent decision studies should be to improve personally n for knowledge not for ranking n judging India needs to change education from its roots

  17. Abdul Hameed Khan Reply

    As an overall Topper in various schools, colleges and universities in almost all my career from an excellent metro & cosmopolitan city of India as a regular and non stop student and as a trained Teacher, Manager & Faculty member having more than 35 years working experience in the various top most concerns of Govt of India in various top.most part of India I totally agree with the decision but with a condition that only the best of the best should be deployed for the Teaching profession with a great respect and a respectable honorarium to them because Teaching is the mother profession which creates so many professions.
    totally agree with the

  18. Excellent decision taken by Singapore govt, it’s true, class leaders are always good employees and last benchers become good leaders in life.

  19. Akshayaguna Reply

    Today, so called education is being imparted in
    four walled enclosure; an artificial world in midst of concrete jungle and taught how to compete and earn a livelihood. Contrary to this modern education system; ancient Indian education system
    was imparted in a place away from populated areas and in the jungles where human values, culture, dharma and philosophy were taught. No examinations no ranks. Ancient India Gurukul system was run by Rishis supported by Kings.

  20. Excellent idea should be implied to other country especially India

  21. Very good decision But it should made by the Indian government also

  22. Purushotham Reply

    Excellent initiative by Singapore, eho lead others in bringing this badic transformation needed for students natural growth, and not run a race, and destroys society including themselves.

    Hope India will look inro this and take steps forward, with able leadership of Modi and Prakash Javadekar.

  23. Dr R. A. Paralkar Reply

    Fair decision but to properly implement schools need excellent teachers and good cooperation of parents. Here in our state policy of promoting all students has shown poor results. Students promoted to next classes have remained poor in almost all subjects. Now government education department is reconsidering the decision.

  24. Very Good. But what about the criteria for selection in the higher education systems and jobs- the first come first -basis?

  25. Siva Ravindran Reply

    But what is the criteria on which the child is determined to be ready to be pushed up to the next level?

  26. When a kid is born in India, she loses her right to be a human, immediately. Like a per-condition.

    On what research the above Statement is declared ?

  27. Good decision… Should be implemented in all schools…

  28. dev Sathish Kanthan Reply

    Very good system!
    They can concentrate on the subject which they like the most
    Congratulation Singapore education system

  29. Indeed a good initiative. But we have to see where we are trying to implement it. Its in Singapore but if I talk about India where more than 50% Learners are first generation Learners how can we expect this? Yes by explaining everything in report card doesn’t imply that we are providing him positive narration always but in our classrooms where class strength goes to 100 and one to one interaction becomes dream sometimes then report card becomes one of the means to evaluate a child.As NDP was a beautiful policy but it was deteriorated by all stake holders like this implementation of this concept also requires a lot of homework.

  30. Very good initiative.
    @Abishek Rai: Hope you realize that there will be boys among those children/kids. You are not talking about an initiative in a girls school but in the country of Singapore. I’m sure if you had mentioned only boys, someone would have noticed ;)

  31. Dr. Kalyan Reply

    What about admissions for higher studies.. Will there be No grading? How are they going to administer the same….!

  32. Swati Acharya Reply

    Superb decision
    It will emphasis on overall growth n confidence in children
    Glad that there with be learning in intension to learn from free mind .

  33. Vanitha Isabella Reply

    Congratulations!Doors have finally opened to self -dignity and self -progress. Hope comparisons are removed completely from education system all over as its’s a continuous process unto death.

  34. Shivayogi Karadiguddi Reply

    Very good decision taken by Singapore. Really learning is not a competition. Child learn more frankly &love learning. Its the true education. Children’s are now free from exam burdens

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