The ecommerce marketplaces sellers have a mixed feeling towards the companies, as they are often bullied by the marketplaces and are forced to compete with each other.

Shroff Publishers, India’s largest publisher of IT books has boycotted Flipkart & has even managed to deactivate 90% titles on Flipkart to protest against their policies that, the company claims are created to bully the sellers on their marketplace.shroff publishers boycott flipkart

Shroff Publishers has a tie up to reprint and distribute a few US publishers like O’Reilly & Associates, Packt Publishing, Mike Murach & Associates, Rampant TechPress, Pragmatic Bookshelf, IBM Redbooks, MC Press, Discovery Press, etc.

Flipkart recently raised $700mn and recerntly, more than 400+ delivery staff were on strike demanding toilets and basic amenities.