When Tesla Semi Truck Launches in India

“Horn. Ok. Please”. How can we not have these golden words in our truck!

And the interiors are also ready (courtesy).

What are you waiting for, Elon Musk? Launch Semi trucks in India ASAP. Or you will see clones of it running here.

By the way, do watch this lovely ‘Truck Anthem’ by Ashok Leyland.

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This ad. smart marketing or work of a lazy marketer?

We all know that sex sells, but then sometimes companies take it to a different level.  Check this.

The text reads as Now that we got your attention, book mini trucks online.

Yes mini trucks (and not skirts, just to make it clear).

This isn’t the first time I am seeing such marketing ad – but for a mini truck company? Well..what’d be your take? a great ‘out of the box’ thinking OR ‘lazy marketer who decided not to think deeper about his/her market segment and copy/pasted’?

PS: Just because we are talking about this on NextBigWhat, it doesn’t mean that the campaign is successful (not everyone can be Pahlaj Nihalani).

This Sanitary Napkin Ad Features Men, Because it Has Never Been Done Before

When was the last time, you saw an ad about sanitary napkin that featured men or had a male voiceover?

The answer is never, according to the people behind the YouTube channel, Ninjaji, who have made the “first-ever sanitary napkin ad enacted by men, on behalf of women.”

The ad features a girl, her boyfriend and their male friend, who talks incessantly about the ‘Humara Wala Pad’, and why every girl should buy it.

The enactment aside, the ad’s message is clear: There is nothing wrong about men talking about menstruation or sanitary napkins, or even buying a pad at a local store.

‘Lipstick Under My Burkha’- will the burkha unveil?

The Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) has stalled the release of the film ‘Lipstick Under My Burkha’ by declining to certify it. The reasons cited are that the film is ‘female-oriented’, has ‘sexual scenes’ and ‘abusive words’, among others. Continue reading ‘Lipstick Under My Burkha’- will the burkha unveil?

This music video by IIT Roorkee students is simply mind blowing


Brilliantly done!!

The Founder Movie Review : Go for it

Risk taker. Rule breaker. Game changer.

Well, that’s what ‘the founder’ movie largely depics about Ray Kroc, the man behind McDonalds.

The movie is largely a business drama and shares the story of how Ray Kroc, a struggling salesman managed to pull the company from the brothers and create a billion-dollar empire.

Must watch if you are a founder because the movie depicts the importance of perseverance needed to build a long term business. Importantly, the loneliness of being at the top isn’t something founders talk – but yeah, you get a taste of it.

Overall, a must watch – especially in the times when we see most of Indian startup founders building for short term plays.
PS : Interestingly, Ray Kroc wasn’t really ‘the founder’ of McDonalds.

How Andre Agassi ‘Observed’ Boris Becker and won #Competition #Smarts

“I watched tape after tape of him and stood on the other side of that net three different times, and I started to realise he had this weird tick thing with his tongue.”

Agassi explained that just before Becker tossed the ball on his serve he would stick his tongue out. If it went to the left of his mouth he was serving wide towards the tramlines, if it remained in the middle the ball was staying central.

“I didn’t have a problem breaking his serve, I had a problem hiding the fact I could break it at will, I just didn’t want him keeping that tongue in his mouth.” [via]