She Cancelled Her Olacabs. The Driver’s Response..? Shameful

The driver abused her back! While you can always say that ‘hey! Ola cannot control driver’s behavior’, the thing is that at the end of the day, these experiences matter. And they truly matter! And by the way, what happened to the much PRed customer number masking feature?

Exclusive: Olacabs Hacked. Hacker Claims Access To User Details

Their Application design is very poor and their development server is weakly configured. The hack was a little tricky and involved many steps to get to the database. Once we got to the database it was like winning a lottery. It had all the user details along with credit card transaction history and unused vouchers.

Olacabs partners with Zipdial to launch SMS based cab tracking for feature phones

This initiative aims to tackle the biggest uncertainty faced by cab users in the country, i.e. of lack of information around the location of the booked cab and the estimated time of its arrival. The feature enables even low end phones users to track real time information such as – cab’s distance from their location as well as expected time to reach the location instantly.

Olacabs comes to Delhi (NCR), offers Rs 99 deal for Gurgaon

With this extension Olacabs is now present in 3 metros including Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi. For last 4 months, Olacabs has been running a pilot project in Delhi (NCR) to understand the patterns of traffic movement and demand of cabs across the region.