Partner Event: Innoz Hackathon

The developers get a chance to create cool sms apps and win prizes upto 1 Lakh rupees, 2 blackberry mobile phones for BBM connected apps and a lot of goodies for others. The mood around the Hackathon would be fun because its not just about coding, we have the Lagori rock band playing on the first day. Other cool things lined up are movie streaming, crowd music streaming using an sms app, the list goes on.

Innoz API : What it means to app developers

As a developer, this is an application that runs on your server, on your choice of platform and written with your choice of language, as long as it integrates with our simple workflow. For the users, this means sending an SMS with a keyword, the equivalent of a web address and then receiving a specialized response without worrying about any of the steps in between.

Innoz secures investment from Seedfund

Telecom startup, Innoz has secured funding from Seedfund. Innoz’s product, the mobile search engine on the short code 55444 has now crossed the 1 million SMS searches a day mark…