Review of books related to entrepreneurial stories.

Book Review : ‘The Dream’ by Gurbaksh Chahal [Inspirational]

There are some stories that seems like either fake ones or a perfect dream, the ones that stand out have a hard fact to back the story. Gurbaksh Chahal, an Indian born American Entrepreneur’s autobiography ‘The Dream’ is one of them. The book seems like a perfect dream of a 25 year old dude minting money (one of the wealthiest entrepreneurs); the hard fact is just that he sold two companies for ~$340mn (BlueLithium to Yahoo for $300mn), all at the age of 25. And not-so-surprisingly, it’s a college dropout story. Gurbaksh Chahal (called’G’) was a shy Indian kid whose parents moved to US for a better life and once he moved with his brothers and sisters, he had to face all the racial discrimination (for wearing a turban). At the age of 19 or so, he got interested in stock market and while he ...

Of Jack Dorsey and his fascination for courier service – Mastering the VC Game [Book Review]

There are books and then there are books that you can’t leave till you are done with it (I just couldn't put it down). Mastering the VC Game belongs to the second type. Written by Jeffrey Bussgang (General Partner at Flybridge Capital Partners), the book walks you through the VC mind and helps one understand the entire investing process better.

Vision India 2020 – Book Review

Vision India 2020 encompasses a wide range of sectors from technology to infrastructure, healthcare to education, environmental issues to entertainment, proves how even the most sizeable problems can be solved by exercising bold, ambitious measures. The book takes a flight of fancy and takes you to year 2020 where Sramana presents 45 business ideas that potentially changes the Indian landscape. The core idea of this book is to inspire entrepreneurs.

Book Review – Entrepreneur Journeys :Weapon Of Mass Reconstruction

If successful businesses have one thing in common, its their bootstrapping story. Most of the successful story started with a small budget and that’s what Sramana Mitra has focused in her book ‘Entrepreneur Journeys’. The book is a collection of  interviews with entrepreneurs who were able to create successful business without raising loads of money. What’s interesting about the book? First of all, its very conversational –

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