Mailbox running out of storage? Try CleanEmail

CleanEmail helps you manage your mailbox: group and organize, remove, label, and archive emails in your account just in some clicks. Continue reading Mailbox running out of storage? Try CleanEmail

Transform your inbox into task management tool using DragApp

Convert Email Into Tasks
Convert Email Into Tasks

Drag transforms your inbox into organized lists (like Trello, for Gmail). You can sort your emails into customized lists add notes & tasks to emails with simple drag ‘n drop functionality. Drag is a refreshing way to manage your emails, right inside your Gmail inbox.


NextBigWhat profiles interesting products and startups (India + world). If you are building something interesting, submit the details here.

Startup Tracker helps you track startups

Startup Tracker is the startup company engine!

• Search for startups by name or filters
• View one page summaries for companies with links to their Crunchbase, AngelList, Product Hunt etc.
• Make startup lists to share or post
• Track companies to get notified of important update


NextBigWhat profiles interesting products and startups (India + world). If you are building something interesting, submit the details here.

Increase Your Team Productivity By Smart Remote Work Management (RemoteCamp)

RemoteCamp is a smart remote work management tool with screenshots, time tracking, and computer usage monitoring. It tracks time employees spent on their activities and takes screenshots to find out what they’re doing at a particular moment.


NextBigWhat profiles interesting products and startups (India + world). If you are building something interesting, submit the details here.

Paytm launches messaging product, Inbox. Will you use?

Patym has launched Inbox, chat messaging feature on the Paytm app (currently on Android only).

The service will allow users to chat with friends and family, send and request money at the same time.

The platform is encrypted end-to-end, and users can initiate private conversations and create group chats. They can also send photos and videos instantly, share live location, capture and share moments with the built-in camera,”. The platform also allows users to recall their messages (a feature WhatsApp launched 2 days back) using ‘Delete for All’.

Given that WhatsApp is testing WhatsApp Business feature and will soon roll out UPI based payment, will Paytm Inbox cut the deal?

Is there a use-case?

Will you chat with friends on Paytm? Why?

Is this a game changer?

Ashish Sinha adds: The biggest use-case that Paytm can bring is communicating with sellers and enabling the negotiation feature – but then, that involves rethinking the marketplace model.

Plus, what Paytm can bring to table is online ordering – for e.g. I always pay the sabziwala using Paytm. Why don’t I just message him what I need / pay via chat…and voila! We are done.

I hope Paytm is playing a deeper game and not just adding this feature for the heck of positioning itself as WeChat of India.

In its current form, it looks like a wannabe product and WhatsApp has already taken away the thunder of ‘message recall’ feature, which I believe was supposed to be one big launch differentiator.

By the way, is Neeraj Arora of WhatsApp still on Paytm board? This is a very serious competitive thing going between Paytm and WhatsApp.

How Spotify uses machine learning to help you find your new music

The science behind personalized music recommendations!

Spotify actually doesn’t use a single revolutionary recommendation model—instead, they mix together some of the best strategies used by other services to create its own uniquely powerful Discovery engine.

To create Discover Weekly, there are three main types of recommendation models that Spotify employs:

  1. Collaborative Filtering models (i.e. the ones that originally used), which work by analyzing your behavior and others’ behavior.
  2. Natural Language Processing (NLP) models, which work by analyzing text.
  3. Audio models, which work by analyzing the raw audio tracks themselves.
Image credit: Chris Johnson, Spotify


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The #ProductGeeks Conf is now open for speaker nominations

Ladies and Gentlemen:

NextBigWhat’s upcoming conference, ProductGeeks Conf is scheduled for Jan 19th & 20th (2018) in Bangalore and the conference will bring a lot of deeper insights/ connects into the world of products; with specific focus on emerging tech like AI/ML and others.

We are now open for speaker nominations. So if you think you bring fresh perspective – please go ahead and apply (use the application form below). You will hear from us very soon on the next steps.

Date: Jan 19th, 20th [2018]
Venue: Hotel Park Plaza, Bangalore (Marathahalli).
Event agenda/url:
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Grab the super early bird discount (Ticketing URL). The discount code is NEXTBIGWHAT (you get 40% discount)

Agenda / Speaker details: We have put up a draft agenda here. As with any NextBigWhat conference, expect deeper content and lots of actionable insights.
Who should attend this? If you are into products, you should.
If you need perspective around scaling / marketing / product management / emerging tech (like AI / ML) to emerging opportunities like Bharat, you should be attending ProductGeeks Conf.
What you won’t get here? Gyaan / Talks around entrepreneurship/startups. THis is a conference of DOERs and for those who aim to build great product business from the country.