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My Brief History is an autobiography by Stephen Hawking.

My Brief History narrates Stephen Hawking’s journey through life. It includes memories from his childhood in post-war London right until his years of worldwide praise and being a celebrity. This book is generously furnished with rarely seen photographs. This witty and concise account shows the readers a Hawking rarely known in his previous books. He was the inquisitive schoolboy whose classmates nicknamed him ‘Einstein’, the fun-loving man who placed a bet with a colleague over the possibility of a black hole and the young father and husband struggling to gain a grip in the academic world.

Hawking discusses his unconventional childhood, his diagnosis with motor neurone disease when he was a 21 year old Ph.D. student, his ground-breaking work on quantum cosmology and his two marriages and the controversial circumstances surrounding their failing.

My Brief History is the first that he wrote completely on his own, by means of a device that translates the movement of the cheek muscle under his eye, making it his most personal book to date.

My Brief History by Stephen Hawking was published by Random House UK in 2013. This book is available in hardcover.

Key Features:

  • My Brief History received several good reviews from critics from leading journals in USA.
  • A documentary-style film titled Hawking was made which closely mirrored the book.

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