Feminine Power: Conversations with the World’s Most Powerful Women in the Fields of Politics, Business and Entertainment

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Female power, female aspirations and female charisma are the hallmarks of women who have broken with traditional values as wives and companions of political and business leaders, or as confidantes and lovers of media celebrities, to form a new elite. From Westminster to Wall street, the Capitol Hill to Hollywood and the Elysee Palace to Middle Eastern kingdoms, vital roles are now being played by women. Through interviews the authors of this book examine female achievements in politics, business, science, fashion, literature, and the arts and entertainment, as well as revealing the strategies that have won independence for women in predominantly patriarchal societies. With quotes and contributions from such luminaries as Cherie Booth, Hillary Clinton, Ivana Trump, Joan Collins, Benazir Bhutto and Liz Hurley, this book celebrates the rise and rise of influential women. Set against the historical background of female emancipation over the past 100 years, it offers inspiration to women still trapped in the time warp of male sexual supremacy.