The Chennai Angels Announces Investment In Women’s Fashion Portal POPxo

The Chennai Angels (TCA) has announced an angel investment in POPxo, focused on delivering engaging and practical fashion, beauty and lifestyle content for Indian women. This round of investment was co-invested by TCA investors along with angel investors based in US, U.K and Singapore.

popxo was launched in 2014 by Priyanka Gill and Namrata Bostrom. POPxo claims to be reaching 1 million readers per month (another content portal, ScoopWhoop raised funding recently).

The Chennai Angels is an angel investing group founded in 2007 comprising of successful entrepreneurs and business leaders with a track record of starting and scaling large enterprises. Additionally, several seed and venture capital firms hold institutional membership in the group.

TCA’s previous investments include Fourth Partner Energy Pvt. Ltd. (4PEL) – a Hyderabad based company focussed on Distributed Solar Power, Bangalore based education startup Skyfi Labs, Mumbai based gadget service platform PICKME and had also partnered with startup accelerator GSF in Chennai.

Written by Sivaprasad Nair

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