It’s not ‘Thank You’. It’s not ‘Looks nice’.


It’s something that comes straight from your heart.

Fucking Cool.

Bloody Sexy.

Maaaind Blowing.

14 years back, when when I was buying a bike, I was checking out all the new products. Right from Pulsar to Karizma..and then landed up at Enfield showroom. Within a second of the test ride, I was sold (and I was never an Enfield fan before that). For me, that experience can only be described in two words: ‘F**king Cool’.

My next buy : Himalayan (image credit: wikipedia)
My next buy : Himalayan (image credit: wikipedia)

Same happened with me when I first played with the AutoRap app – I just found it very cool. A f**king cool idea (It unlocks an opportunity for me).

What’s the big deal about ‘F**king Cool’ phenomena

F**king cool connects with one of your hidden desires. Your *secret/hidden* passion.

A F**king Cool product opens up new possibilities (remember the first time you used Instagram?).

A F**king Cool product empowers you in a way that you spread the word among all your friends and families – not for any personal benefit, but you just feel the connect.

Importantly, it takes away any comparisons / SWOT analysis etc etc from the conversation.

A F**king cool product shorten the sales cycle. It ‘won’t make you think’. It just creates a connection (which is difficult to explain). Fucking Cool products aren’t just about giving you bragging rights – but it’s something that makes you feel good from inside (most of the new iPhone buyers try to ‘show-off’, though they may/may not be so excited about the device, but have to show-off due to peer pressure).

Of course, stickiness / long term utility of the product is a function of other factors – but an effing cool product just cuts through the noise and finds an instant place in your life.

So tell me, what F**king cool products have you come across in the recent times? Do share.