Reshaping Structures, Culture, and Workplace for the Future

Digital processes are reshaping every aspect of a business today. As digital technology continues to...

Is India Lying About Its World Beating Economy? Asks Economist Derek Scissors

The back series – the necessary base for calculations of ongoing GDP growth – has not been published...

AgroStar is a direct-to-farmer mcommerce platform that works over a simple missed call

India has over 100 million farmers who face challenges ranging from duplication of agri inputs, subs...

Eliminate Morning Back Pain With These 2 Posture Exercises #Lifehack

The alarm goes off and I groan. I sit up and take inventory.  How do I feel today?  Is the back achy...

The Influence of Global Fan Engagement on Indian Sport Industry

FAN:-noun: fan; plural noun: fans A person who has a strong interest in or admiration for a particul...

Blood donation on demand : “Uber” for blood donation app launched

Green Shakti foundation, a New Delhi based NGO has launched Donor On Call, an Uber style app for rea...

AI Effect: How the Business & Consumers have evolved

With the emergence of Artificial Intelligence or AI, businesses are undergoing drastic evolution. En...

Report: Women in India earn 25% less than men

Gender continues to be a significant parameter in determining salaries, as men earned a median gross...

Netflix partners with Airtel, Videocon and Vodafone. How about fixing content first?

Netflix has announced strategic partnerships with three major companies in India – Airtel, Vid...

Tata Motors forays into future mobility solutions with TAMO

The automotive industry is facing a discontinuity in the nature of mobility, and the products & ...

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