Doctors in India see patients for only 2 minutes; Can online fix this?

The average time that India’s neighbourhood doctors, called primary care consultants*, spend with patients is a negligible two minutes. Contrast this with first-world countries such as Sweden, the US or Norway where a consultation crosses 20 minutes on an average. according to the largest international study on consulting time, published in medical journal BMJ Open (via)

This eventually translates to quick fix medicines (like antibiotics) and overall sad state of healthcare.

Question: Can online consultation platforms fix this?

*Note that primary care doctors are different from consultants, but the issue is similar even with private doctors.

Flipkart is launching its own smartphone, Billion Capture+ ; Boasts of unlimited cloud storage

Flipkart which has been experimenting with its own private label is launching its own phone called Billion Capture+, a smartphone with powerful dual cameras.

The phone will be available from Nov 15th onwards and will run on Android Nougat and will come with dual camera. Plus, the phone will be packed with unlimited cloud storage (safe to assume that this is result of Onedrive/Microsoft partnership?).

What Flipkart brings to the table is the number of service centers : 130 across 125 cities, which will surely help the buying decision.

Expected price of the Billion Capture+ phone? Flipkart hasn’t announced, but expect it to be in Rs. 10K-14K range.

Will you buy this, given the branded alternatives like Xiaomi/Nokia/Lenovo/Sony etc? Does Flipkart brand stand for great hardware / service quality and such attributes?

Will Flipkart phone cannibalise partner sales?

The highest selling category for any ecommerce player is smartphones and with Flipkart launching its own brand and giving prominence to the same on all of its properties, will it cannibalise its own business?

If you are a Motorola/Lenovo/Xiaomi, why would you sign an exclusive deal with Flipkart when you know that the company is going to promote its own phones over yours?

Get it

PayPal launches payment operations in India

PayPal has launched its India operations.  At launch, Indian consumers can use PayPal to shop online at some of India’s most popular businesses.

“Merchants offering PayPal will be able to process both local and global payments through PayPal, getting access to PayPal’s 218 million customers around the world and in India through a single integration.”

PayPal partners
PayPal partners

“We will be targeting the Global Indian and have partnered with merchants catering to this segment giving them a truly global seamless payments experience. Anupam Pahuja, Country Manager and Managing Director, PayPal India.

Meet the new grocery players: Flipkart, Quikr and Dmart

Flipkart has relaunched its grocery business. Flipkart launched its grocery business in 2015, but shut it down. The grocery business, now called Supermart (surprised that they didn’t called it SuperKart) is currently being piloted in Bangalore.

Quikr too is testing its grocery delivery business. It will allow customers to order anything, from grocery to restaurant food, from nearby stores and get it delivered at their doorstep for a fee (via).

Publicly listed company, DMart too has entered the grocery space.

Lack of clear differentiator? Unless the move to launch grocery is beyond increasing GMV, these companies clearly need a good differentiator to stay around in consumer’s mind. Grocery space has seen a large number of shutdowns, owing to logistical and low-margin issues.

Love your Amazon Echo? Now watch this horror movie

Amazon Echo is your new friend and does what you ask it to. But what if it does a little more? Hears a little more? Talks something else?

Watch this clip from a short film, Whisper – this beautifully uses Amazon Echo to create ‘that’ effect.

You see: horror and tech can find each other.

By the way, do you sleep with your Echo on? Hmmm..

Dailyhunt launches Progressive Web App: Dailyhunt Lite

Dailyhunt, has launched Dailyhunt Lite – a Progressive Web App (PWA), to enable an optimized, fast loading, native app-like experience on mobile web.

This PWA can be pinned to the Android home screen and can therefore be launched much like a native app. It provides an immersive, app-like experience – right on the phone’s browser, while maintaining a small memory footprint. It also offers a rich offline experience, allowing for continued engagement even on patchy networks.

The app has been optimized for fast load times even on a 3G network and is able to load a page in less than 2 seconds.

It also offers infinite scroll and allows users to swipe through content – in a native app-like experience. Despite its rich content, the app has been optimized to run efficiently on handsets with low memory specifications, via the use of – service workers, virtualized views and efficient cache management techniques.

OnePlus 5T launching on Nov 16th; You can watch the launch event at nearest PVR

Globally, OnePlus will unveil its new device, the OnePlus 5T, on November 16th at 11 AM ET (21:30 IST) at an event in Brooklyn, New York.

In India, OnePlus fans can watch the launch, live at PVR Chanakyapuri, on November 16th at 21:30 IST. Apart from Delhi, fans can also watch the live launch at select PVR theatres across Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune.

To attend the event, OnePlus fans can book the tickets for just Rs. 99 only on Bookmyshow, starting 8th November from 10 am onwards.

Adds Ashish Sinha:

Isn’t it interesting that a company is actually asking fans to watch the product launch at a cinema theatre – that too pay for the ticket? I mean, this is very different from regular product launches we see.

A very different level of badassry!

OnePlus 5T will go on Early Access sale on 21st November at 16.30 IST on and The device will also be available through all sales channels in the country soon after.

The price of OnePlus 5T in India is expected to be Rs. 39900/.