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Kunal Shah On CRED, Startups & Indian Consumers Pt. 1

Kunal Shah On CRED, Startups & Indian Consumers Pt. 1

Hi there! Welcome to a new episode on NextBigWhat Radio. Today we're featuring Kunal Shah, founder of Cred and co-founder at Freecharge. Someone who has made a name for himself in the startup circles as an opinionated and headstrong entrepreneur, who is never shy of sharing his take on a wide variety of topics. In this episode, as part one of a two-part series, Ashish Sinha, Founder & CEO @ NextBigWhat has a very interesting conversation with him at UnPluggd 2019 as part of a fireside chat cum AMA. There are many takeaways for founders and product folk along with some fascinating insights into why he chose to build CRED, as well as his views on Indian consumers.

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