Nexus Venture Partners Deepens Seed Program to IITs

Nexus Venture Partners has announced the extension of its Seed Program to IITs to foster entrepreneurship among engineering students by providing mentoring and other support to help build and scale

Under this program, Nexus Venture Partners will facilitate tie-ups with co-working spaces, offer mentoring, and access to the Nexus network and offer seed funding based on certain criteria.

The Seed program will be launched for current students and recent alumni of IIT Mumbai and will be extended to other IITs in due course (BigQuestion : why only IITs?).

Says Suvir Sujan, Co-founder & MD, Nexus Venture Partners, “Nexus has been conducting interactive programs at IITs for the past couple years and we felt that students have innovative ideas but need support to help build companies. The Nexus Seed Program will bridge that gap to encourage the entrepreneurial ecosystem”.

Nexus Venture Partners has already funded many market leading innovative companies comprising IIT alumni including – Netmagic, Housing, Sedemac, Tinyowl, Zlemma,  FunctionSpace, Unicommerce, and

Written by Sivaprasad Nair

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