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In 2006, Nike CEO asked Steve Jobs if he had any advice for him.

Just get rid of the crappy stuff and focus on the good stuff.”

This Diwali, we are letting go of crappy stuff and focusing on what made us best in our industry.

What’s crappy?

To start off, the entire startup news piece has become crappy with every other company trying to play the PR war and NOT focus on building better products.

We are letting go of news. Not that we won’t be updating you on all the important updates, but our focus will purely move to giving you access to useful products and help you improve your productivity.

What does it really mean?

Starting Monday, we will publish news at designated time – 9 AM and 3 PM. If you care about your time, you can comfortably stop reading everything and visit NextBigWhat at 9AM and 3 PM to get your doze of all important updates from India’s startup and tech industry.

What’s cooking then?

We are red-eyed focus on being India’s most amazing product discovery platform. Starting Monday, we will focus primarily on showcasing coolest and not-so-cool products from the country and the world – across different sectors/industries.

We aim to be “THE” place for consumers and decision makers to discover useful curated products.

And ofcourse, we are doubling down on community – that’s the only way to go about it!

Happy Diwali and like Jobs said, scrap the crap and let’s make world a better place !

Ashish Sinha.