UnPluggd, India’s biggest startup conference just concluded, and as it has come to be known, the event brought in, actionable insights and importantly, stories from the trenches.

In this Winter Edition, over 200 applications arrived for our ‘Startup Launch’ segment, out of which only 7 startups got the chance to pitch themselves. Here is the list of startups that were selected for the final demo day.

1. Chromo.io

Chromo.io is a User Context and Intent prediction Engine that senses user's motion, gesture & emotions as they interact with any Mobile App.

Website: Chromo.io


2. Talespin

Talespin is a retail solution that helps increase conversion. Answers 3 core questions: What to buy? Is there anything similar? Is this available in my size?

Website: http://talespin.in/


3. Zyme

Make your car talk to you with the new gen smart car device - Zyme. Diagnostics, dashboard, trip log, alerts and much more all on your phone.

Website: http://getzyme.com/


4. Pinut

Pinut is an Offline Content Distribution Platform for Education, Entertainment or Information.

Website: http://www.pinut.in/


5. Bar Stock Exchange

Bar Stock Exchange gamify a bar into a stock market of drinks where prices are governed by customer demand thus increasing footfall, revenue and engagement.

Website: https://www.barstockexchange.com/


6. DiscoveryAI

DiscoveryAI is a platform for e-commerce to automate customer support and product search conversations across multiple channels.

Website: http://discovery.ai/


7. ReTiSense

Stridalyzer Marathon Get Real-Time tracking, stress-maps, alerts!
Avoid Injuries, improve Form and Performance. Get guidance to RUN BETTER!

Website: http://www.retisense.com/


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