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One ISRO Vs Million Mediocre Startups

Today, ISRO did what nobody else in the world could ever think of.

ISRO launched 104 satellites in one day (out of which only 3 were for India , 96 were of USA).

The last record of launching soo many satellites in a day was held by Russia – they launched *only* 37 satellites in one day.

ISRO Budget?

For 2016-17, ISRO has a budget of $1.1 Bn (FYI : NASA’s budget is $19 billion).

Now compare this with millions of startups who raised millions of dollars and ended up launching food apps / grocery apps, raising money only to spend on porn sites and bring cheap traffic, to several startups who are now running ‘pattern matching algorithm’ and calling it AI / ML.

As a country, we just need to stop the startup race and really ask ourselves : what’s really important?

What makes an organisation like ISRO so brilliantly awesome (in spite of all bureaucratic hurdles) VS why have we produced so many mediocre startups*.

And all you founders out there –  it’s time we stop running and follow the first principles? More than anything, it’s the damn mindset that matters!

* : Not to say that there are many wonderful startups in India doing great stuff (which we always endeavour to highlight), but largely we have me-too startups with ‘will-startup-for-funding’ mentality.

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