Intel launches Walkway project in its Bangalore campus; One footstep will generate 7 watts of power

3D Crosswalk: You-cant-drive-past-this-cross-walk-without-a-jolt
3D Crosswalk: You-cant-drive-past-this-cross-walk-without-a-jolt
Intel India’s newly opened design house ‘SRR4’ at its 44-acre campus on Sarjapur Ring Road (SRR) has installed a walkway with energy harvesting tiles at the entrance of the building.

Every time their employees step on the walkway, electricity will be generated.

The interactive walkway installation is enabled with Intel Architecture and measures 7.7 sq metres. The walkway will produce up to 4 joules of energy or up to 7 watts of continuous power with every footstep while a person walks on it.

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