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Postponement strategy in supply chain

Postponement strategy in supply chain refers to the postponing the value addition process to the last step in the supply chain. For e.g. Asian Paints has 1000s of SKUs and its literally impossible to store all the SKUs in all of their retail stores. Basically, Asian Paints postpones the *coloring* part to last stage and hence any dealer/retailer when they order a color, can receive the paint within a days time!! I was very impressed of Zuari’s furniture – They too follow a similar strategy. .. All of their furnitures are to-be-assembled only .. The size of nuts/bolts are similar across all the furnitures.. – so that they need not invest a lot in training their employees. .. So when I ordered for a TV stand, it took them only 15 minutes to configure it and deliver! Life in...

(Crystal) Advertising gets Creative…Damn Creative.

After the success of milliondollarpage, looks like everybody is trying to catch up on the pixel advertising!! But this one is different – Its not pixel, but its crystal advertising! That too — Swarovski crystals!! “One million Swarovski crystals were needed in all to cover our breath-taking model with these sparkling little stones, thus creating an erotic overall-artwork. With each purchased stone you uncover the artwork a little bit more and you help to overcome frontiers and make the earth sparkle! “ Here is how it works: The cost of a crystal is 1 euro (excluding shipping cost). You can *take-off* the crystal from the model’s body and help *reveal* the erotic art work. And why will you buy the crystal? Advertising space !! i.e. If you have made 50 euro investment...

Top Jobs!!

Money Mag and Salary.com have come up with list of top 10 jobs in the US. And the no. 1 job is….?? Software Engineer!! — Avg salary : 80.5K,this species is having a good time and its BIG byte too. What surprised me is that the top paying job in this category is Release Engineer! Is it because of demand-supply gap?Maybe. The other *top* positions are occupied by HR Managers (4), Computer IT Analyst (7) and Psychologist (10)!! Here is the list of top 50. Here is the list of top 10 staff shortage jobs from Forbes. As expected, Software Engineers do find a comfortable position in the list.

What keeps you happy!

Here are 12 reasons that keep us happy:: Friends Sex Socializing Marriage Praying Relative wealth Good health Genes Work Money Experiential Activities Age Tell me how happy are you? What’s your happiness index?

Top 100 products (PC World)

Here is the list from PCWorld Google scores 3, while Yahoo is a step ahead (3+ Flickr = 4) (Compare this with worst products) Few of the entries that caught my attention:: Amazon A9 toolbar — I used A9 only once in my life, got scared of the UI and thats it. I wonder what’s the rationale behind including this. Meebo.com – I am pleased to see meebo in the list. meebo is very helpful while one is travelling and can use only public internet kiosk (where one cant download any of the messangers!) Creative Sound Blaster – I am a huge fan of Creative sound card — they offer the best quality in their price range. WordPress.com — T Check this out – Wired’s list of top 10 stupid engg mistakes.

Tipping Point..

Ever wondered:: > At a time when every other heroine is shedding clothes, why Malika Sherawat alone has been able to garner such a huge media coverage while others not? > Why few undeserving MS writers have become star writers (while a lot better callibre have not made it to the list?) > Why few serials (like Jassi jaise koi nahin!!) are able to create that big presence, while others are faring just-okay..!! >Why few average movies attract massive audience@box office, while better ones just turn up average!! And you always thought that its the ’susbstance’ that matters?? Well, you are right to an extent, but IT NEEDS more than the ’substance’ to create that EPIDEMIC which touches everybody!! And this is what Malcolm Gladwell explains in Tipping Point!!. The fact that Gladwell, ...

The Zahir (Book Review)

It begins with a glimpse or a passing thought. It ends in obsession. Is your life too-organized? Are you just okay with whats happening in life? Do you still have a desire to tread the unknown? Or have you put that in the dark closets of your self? Well, most of us prefer to play safe and not look beyond the obvious..! We try to keep ourselves content with whater we have…and in the process, lose sight of our Destiny!! Atleast I do. In The Zahir, Coelho shakes you up and leads you to ask yourself Whats my obsession? Whats my greater truth? In search of Destiny, you will often find yourself obliged to change direction The Zahir is a perfect follow-up of Alchemist. It picks up from the point where Alchemist ends. (but that doesnt necessarily mean that you should have read Alchemist befo...

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