Flipkart’s acquisition by Walmart : The best news for Indian startup ecosystem OR..?

The acquisition is THE biggest exit in Indian startup ecosystem and everybody (founders/investors/employees) will make good money.

But then – this is also the end of the road for Flipkart (6 months down the line, it will be Amazon VS Walmart in Indian market – and NOT a local company).

Exits are good and help create a healthy ecosystem – but exit of a company which pretty much ‘represented’ the ecosystem is BAD.

If there was one company which battled hard and stood for resilience, Flipkart was it.

The acquisition sends out a message that Indian tech startups fail to stand against (equally well funded but technically superior) global competition.

Will we ever see the Tata/Mahindra of the *new age* world? Or is everything meant to ‘flip’? What would it take to create a “TOUGH” brand?

What do you think?

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