Facebook has now introduced ‘Hindi Editor’ for Android users which will make it easy to type in Hindi.

In a post, the company said, “We know that a lot of people in India write Hindi posts and comments on Facebook using English characters — or Roman script — instead of using Devanagari, the native Hindi script, because they don’t know how to type in Devanagari. Additionally, most Android phones sold in India don’t have support for typing in the Hindi script. People have to download a separate keyboard app, and may need to switch keyboards when they want to type in a different language.”

Facebook hindi editor

With this new update, Android users can now turn on the app setting and a button will be added to the bar where one can type updates and comments which will automatically transliterates Roman characters to Hindi script.

Also, if the Facebook Editor does not get the Devanagari characters right, one can type them manually. It will also  remember and suggest based on the user behaviour and Facebook will enhance it based on feedback.

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