What’s Common Between Rock Bands and Startups ?

Do you see any similarity between the life of a band and that of a start-up? Is there a correlation between bands & the bandits? Yes, there is apart from the rough rides that both undertake. If you watch the startups closely, the ones with say two to three co-founders, you’ll find that they are more like a rock band than anything else.You simply won’t…

Satish Kini – Healthcare Entrepreneur – Quest for Healthcare for All! Part 1

I realized that I was wired differently in the 4th year of my B.Tech. like most of the IITians I got my forms for GRE exams – the shortest route to the US. However, after a night of introspection, I auctioned off the forms. I realized that my heart was more in social engineering rather than in the forms of engineering taught at the IITs. I went on to complete my B Tech from IIT Bombay in 1976 and PGDBA from the Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies in 1981.