Finally, BHIM UPI on Paytm

Paytm has integrated with BHIM UPI, using which you can make seamless and instant money transfers directly between two bank accounts, with no waiting time to add beneficiary.

You would not need your bank details or IFSC code to receive money as well.

With all wallets moving to UPI, what’d be the differentiator, 6 months down the line? Discounts/Offers? User experience?

India sitting on Aadhaar cyber crime bomb: Indian National Bar Association

The Indian government’s decision to link vital Aadhaar number to bank accounts, income tax and mobile phones could trigger a wave of internet financial crimes in the country.

Aadhar : The other side!
Aadhar : The other side!

“ Cyber crime is rapidly rising worldwide including India as criminals use the Internet to commit a multitude of criminal activities using the Internet and law enforcement agencies are struggling to cope with the huge growth of the problem, with linking of Aadhar card with banking and phone numbers on the internet increases the risk of financial frauds “ said Arvind Gopal, Attorney, Digital Crimes Unit, at Microsoft.

“If Aadhaar card is linked everywhere then people’s personal information will be leaked thereby paving way for cyber crimes. Our country India lacks proper mechanism to fight such crimes. The entire process of Aadhaar-enabled services are prone to cyber-attacks. Linking Aadhaar with all kinds of services is making things worse as social engineering is often used to find out bank account details, credit card numbers and passwords to steal money from people’s accounts.” He said.

Amazon sellers take on the company against lack of action plans on returned products

Amazon sellers have ‘revolted’ against the company for not having any action plan when it comes to returned products.

They are stopping ads on Amazon and have taken to Twitter and Facebook to make their concerns public.

Sadly, there is no response from Amazon on this issue.

What’s the core reason?

Lotsa fake customer accounts which buy from these ecommerce sites and then return the product, citing some weird reason. Just that they don’t return the product. They end up sending stones or sending used products (note: this is marriage season in many parts of the country!).

Amazon’s response:

“At Amazon India, we have always believed in working backwards from seller needs, make selling on our marketplace easier & profitable for them and resolve their issues. We always ensure that our sellers of different scale and sizes across all segments are well equipped to do great business. Moreover, we have invested in several programs and initiatives such as Seller University, Service Provider Network, regional seller support to name a few to help sellers with their queries and make selling on Amazon easy and convenient. In addition, we proactively engage with our sellers through various communication channels and social media to get their constant feedback. For the recent issue in question, we are already in touch with the concerned sellers to better understand their queries and resolve them.”

Dominos Pizza: 57% orders are now online orders

Internet is eating the pizza and Dominos’ 57% orders are online orders, of which mobile contributes 69%.

The company has 7.8 million app downloads.


Guy makes remarks against Modi on private FB chat. He is now in jail.

When Marimuthu sent Thirumurugan a meme on Facebook Messenger criticising Vijay’s controversial dialogues in the movie Mersal, Thirumurugan used filthy language in his reply referring to the PM. The conversation in English was photographed by Marimuthu and filed as a complaint.”

Now, he has been sent to jail and is booked under section 67 of the IT Act, 2000 and Section 505 (public mischief) of CrPC (via).

Isn’t this getting ‘too’ serious? Is this the only thing we are learning from China?



E-tailing industry generated $3.2 bn in sales during festive season

The festive month 2017 includes three mega sale events, along with the rest of the business as usual days. In total, it is estimated that the E-tailing industry generated $3.2Bn in sales. Below is  the break for each festive period

  • Mega-event 1 (20th-24th Sep 2017) – USD 1.5 Bn generated by industry
  • Mega-event 2 (4th-8th Oct 2017) – USD 500-600 Mn generated by industry
  • Mega-event 3 (14th Oct 2017-onwards week) – USD ~600 Mn generated by industry driven by strong sales of electronic devices and appliances
  • Business as usual (non-sale days) from Sep 20-Oct 19 – USD ~500 Mn generated by industry

Adding up all the above, e-tailers generated a total of ~USD 3.2 Bn of sales (INR 19,000 Cr) for the whole 30-day festive month. For comparison, this would be 45% higher than the 2016 festive month (1st -31st Oct 2016) which generated USD 2.2 Bn of sales for the industry, as per Redseer consulting.

What do you think was the cumulative loss (given that none of the players were profitable)?

How Andhra Pradesh govt is using digital to wage a war on fake doctors and quacks

There are doctors and then there there are quacks.

Andhra Pradesh has close of 60,000 quacks which are prescribing medicines and while it is difficult for patients to differentiate between a fake vs genuine doctor, the government is using technology to wage a war on fake doctors/quacks.

The Comprehensive Drug Monitoring System

AP govt is working on CDMS (Comprehensive Drug Monitoring System), a software where each of the 64,000 registered doctors will be integrated into the system.

..a doctor after examining a patient, will on the CDMS app, mention the medicine and a choice of brand names that can be bought. Only such a prescription with a digital signature of the doctor will be honoured by the pharmacies. (source)

The doctor has to mention the medicine choice of brand names that can be bought. Only such a prescription of the digital signature of the doctor will be honoured by the pharmacies.

For patients, they will get an OTP which they can use to buy medicines (or use Aadhaar for verification).

The biggest benefit of this? DATA. Data which can be used to not just build electronic health record, but also create useful plumbing to marry healthcare and digital.

For sure, this is a great initiative and can do wonders if it is launched at the country level.