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2 million Kerala ‘poor’ families will now get free Internet

Kerala finance minister while presenting the 2017-18 budget has announced that two million “poor families” will get free access to Internet. “Internet will now become a right for the people and within 18 months the internet gateway would be set up through the K phone network at a cost of Rs 1,000 crore,” [source] Image credit

And Now, FIR filed against the individual who talked about Aadhar vulnerability on social platforms

Delhi police has registered the first case under violation of Aadhaar Act 2016 against a man for allegedly spreading rumours on various social networking sites that the Aadhaar ecosystem is vulnerable. As per the complaint by UIDAI assistant director general Yashwant Kumar, Sameer Kochhar wrote a misleading article against the Aadhaar ecosystem and also uploaded a video to substantiate his claims.  Sameer Kochhar has claimed that the Aadhaar ecosystem is flawed, vulnerable, has very poor security, and can be easily hacked.(source). It’s altogether a different matter that there are reports of Aadhar data breach caused by partner organizations including Axis bank, business correspondent Suvidhaa Inforserve and e-sign provider eMudhra and so far, there has been no clarity from the gover...

Hey Flipkart, Snapdeal, Paytm let’s restructure, create some value and kick some…

It’s high time that the infighting between eCommerce startups out of India stopped, specially Snapdeal and Flipkart. The writing is on the wall, and there is no way that these companies have enough resources to compete with say, companies named after rivers. If you truly want to beat the competition, learn from Indian history, stop being the princely states from 1800’s, and eat the humble pie. Creating lobby groups to seek help from the govt. will also not work, but it should facilitate in something else. Restructure your businesses I won’t comment on the burn rate and foolish salaries. You know why you burnt what you burnt. Now bury the hatchet and join forces. Bear me for a minute. I am not asking you to merge. I am asking you to spin off a part of your businesses and m...

Snapdeal : Will fire 600 people. Founders take 100% salary cut

Snapdeal is firing 600 people and in between all this, the founders have decided to take 100% salary cut – for an unspecified period. “We believe that every resource of the company should be deployed for driving us towards profitable growth and with this announcement, both Rohit and I are taking a 100% salary cut” (from an internal email/via). This is what we feel about this entire *drama*

Jio and Uber come together for strategic partnership; Jio Money goes live on Uber

Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd (‘Jio’) and Uber have announced a strategic partnership aimed at bringing the benefits of Jio Digital Life ecosystem to their users. As part of the partnership, Jio and Uber will work together and explore various opportunities to progressively enrich and enhance the Digital Life experience of their users through complementary programmes. Starting today, Uber will gradually rollout the JioMoney payment option for its users across the country. This integration provides a hassle-free payment experience to Uber riders and will be an added avenue for digital transactions for JioMoney’s rapidly growing user-base across India.

Snapdeal should just sell Freecharge

Like its unicorn peers, Snapdeal too is in a bit of shit state. The company shutdown Shopo, is laying off a lot of people and is seeing exits by key employees. While Snapdeal founders have (again) said that they will be profitable in 2 years, we all know how real / fake that talk is. The truth is that Snapdeal has been trying hard to get in bed with Alibaba and with Alibaba now going cozy with Paytm, Snapdeal’s future remains a guesswork. And in between all of this, Snapdeal is sitting on a very interesting business which it has no business pursuing further – i.e. Freecharge. It’s an irony that Freecharge was a leader in its category and Paytm copied them (each and every step) and now, Paytm has left Freecharge well behind in payment space. Lately, there is no real stuff ...

Paytm : 10 mn travel tickets booked; Over $500mn annualized GMV

Paytm has announced that over 10mn travel tickets were booked on the company’s platform. In Jan 2017, the company’s travel vertical crossed $500 Mn in annualized GMV. Paytm now offers the complete range of travel bookings that include air, bus, train tickets and hotel bookings. The company has claims to have emerged as India’s biggest private B2C player in train tickets segment within months of launch. How real is this data? Take the poll below.

Sachin Bansal on level playing field : India is making a mistake by not thinking of Internet and technology as a strategic sector

How do we ensure news app or restaurant apps doesn’t get prematurely killed by a company coming from China and just pumping in dollars from there

ISRO is launching 104 satellites on a single day!

ISRO is set to create history !!ISRO to enter record books by launching 104 satellites at one go on February 15, 2017 from Sriharikota. pic.twitter.com/B5fyYMcYpI — Prasar Bharati (@prasarbharati) February 7, 2017 Out of these 104 satellites, only 3 are from the India. 88 spacecraft belong to US and the rest 13 are from the foreign nations. And then we say we don’t have deep tech thinking in India !

Data : A Government Website Was Hacked Every Alternate Day In 2016

At least one website run by the Indian government was hacked every alternate day in 2016, the Home Ministry told Parliament.  In 2016, a total of 199 government sites were hacked.

IRCTC recorded Rs 24,022 crores revenue in FY 15-16 (FYI : 82% more than Flipkart)

While we can continue the monopolistic argument, the reality is that every damn sector is facing stiff competition and IRCTC growth is no small achievement.

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