OnePlus Launches Signature Sandstone Case For iPhone 6 & 6s Users

The Sandstone-casing is the signature finish for all OnePlus phones; it is something that people have come to equate with OnePlus. According to OnePlus, “people have devoted” entire articles to it, take the following example from TIME Magazine:

“Almost every other modern smartphone has a back cover that might as well be made out of soap [sic] bar. […] But the OnePlus 2’s back cover — I’m talking about the ‘Sandstone Black’ option — feels something like a smooth sandpaper that’s grippy but also comfortable. I would have absolutely no qualms about going case-commando with this phone. It’s that good.”


The iPhone 6 and 6s cases will be priced at Rs 1,199, exclusively available on Amazon in the latter half of December 2015. A limited number of cases will be available during the holiday season and each case will come with a physical invite to the OnePlus X.

Selected buyers will receive an invite to purchase a special ceramic version of the phone, and a select few will have the chance to receive the phone for free.

MP CM Wants Govt Employees To Follow All Of His Social Media Accounts

Social media is clearly crucial to politics in India; the official twitter handle of PM Modi has already garnered over 16.3 million followers. Twitter has also been a medium of protest for citizens, while it also serves as a medium of information distribution for the Govt.

In the wake of the new social media regime, Madhya Pradesh’s CM Shivraj Singh issued a notification asking all government employees to “follow” the CM’s social media accounts, addressed to all department secretaries, division heads and districShivraj_Singh_Chauhant collectors.

“The number of people using social media is only going to increase in the coming days and we can use this to increase the outreach of the government. Hence, all government officials and senior rung employees be encouraged to follow honorable CM’s Twitter and Facebook accounts,” says the notification issued by the general communications wing of the MP government in May last year. [Source]

Everyone from teachers, gram sahayaks, land official, forest guards, police constables and other senior officials will have “direct communication” with the CM on social media, added the notification.

A peculiar part of the notification reads that people following the CM’s profiles should make sure that they “state their identity clearly, without violating laws of confidentiality.” MP government officials claimed the notification was meant only to “increase awareness about the presence of the government on social media.”

Note: Narendra Modi’s twitter handle sent a DM (direct message) to all of his 12.5 million followers on May this year to mark the one-year completion of his handle. The link opens up a personalized message (personalized using the handle’s first name).

Hike Claims Over 30 Billion Messages Per Month, Up By 50% In 3 Months

Hike messenger, today announced that its users are exchanging over 1 billion messages per day, amounting to over 30 billion messages per month.

The numbers have grown by 50% in a span of just 3 months, since the company’s previous announcement of 20 billion message exchanges in August this year. The upsurge in messaging volume was observed after the launchHike-data of latest version of hike 4.0.

The company recently crossed 70 million users in October this year; on an average a user spends also over 140 minutes per week on hike messenger, said hike in a statement.

Hike had introduced several updates with the roll-out of their new update—automatic sticker suggestions, hike direct, which allows users to chat and share files without the internet, 500 member group chat with multi-admins, free group calling with up to 100 people, news in English and Hindi, coupons from over 100 brands and special photo filters and doodles.

 “We’re now doing over a billion messages per day. That’s no small feat. We got there quicker than we expected. It’s incredible how well hike 4.0 is doing. The year still isn’t over and there’s a lot still more to come. Stay tuned,” said Kavin Bharti Mittal, Founder & CEO hike messenger.

This Google Maps Layer Assists People In Chennai Avoid Waterlogged Areas

A customised version of Google Maps (layer) now allows people in Chennai to mark off areas which are water clogged and unsafe for travel and help them in selecting alternate safe routes to travel.

Chennai Rains ' Data Layer On Google Maps
Chennai Rains ‘ Data Layer On Google Maps

An “add layer” option has been added to add an information on the map, so do use it if you have a thing to share with roads and traffic situation (link).

Govt Announces Rs 10k crore Fund For SMEs In Electronics Manufacturing Sector

The Indian government is set to launch an ‘Electronics Development Fund’ of Rs 10,000 crore to provide financial assistance to domestic companies in the field of electronics manufacturing.

The fund, which includes participation by Canbank Venture Capital, will be launched this month with an initial corpus of Rs 2.500 crores, while the rest will be raised from various sources. The details were revealed by DeitY’s Secretary J S Deepak while speaking at the launch of Qualcomm’s Design in India initiative.

“This fund is a fund of funds. This will fund venture capitalist who in turn will fund domestic companies in the field of electronics system design and manufacturing. We need to change present system of electronics manufacturing. It has to be rich in domestic Intellectual Property Rights,” said DeitY’s Secretary J S Deepak.

Qualcomm also announced a $400,000 for Indian Entrepreneurs in the field of electronics manufacturing under its ‘Design in India’ programme in association with IT industry body Nasscom.

“The company creating a product under the Design in India programme will own IPR for it. We only want to boost ecosystem for electronics design and commercialization of innovative products,” said Qualcomm India President Sunil Lalvani.


Hey Youtube India, Why Is Porn The Default Setting For Homepage?

Youtube when they launched in India had its homepage full of (semi) porn.

It seems Youtube India, in order to appeal to the wider mass (and drive views/advertising) has defaulted to porn as a base setting again!.

Look at screenshot of the homepage (from a fresh new Mac, with no browsing/cookie history + Chrome incognito window).

Youtube India Homepage : Full Of Porn!
Youtube India Homepage : Full Of Porn!

Quite a sad state of affair or is it a reflection of what Indian Internet (mass) users want to watch?

What’s your take?

[Hat tip : rohin]

Whatsapp Blocks Links To Telegram

With a new update, popular chat app Whatsapp has blocked links to which recently grew in popularity among the users.

The URLs which are shared by the users are sent as messages and not hyperlinks hinting it as a spam. iOS devices are still not affected and its been seen only on Android devices which received the recent update of Whatsapp.

All Links Except Telegram Are Working

Telegram has confirmed the activity to The Verge and said to it had begun ‘with a silent update’. Facebook owned Whatsapp also blocked Telegram.notme and which are not related.

Users also tweeted showing how Whatsapp blocked Telegram in its coding.

Earlier, Facebook has many a time drawn criticism for blocking sites and apps. Recently, the company also blocked links to, a social network that pays users part of the ad revenue. But, for the first time a major block link has been done on Whatsapp.