Free WiFi in Delhi; But the air quality is sucking 6 years from Delhites’ life #priorities

Get a life, please.

Delhi will soon get free wifi zones under ‘smart city’ project, but that’s not the main thing to know. But, what you really need to know is that Delhites will die 6 years earlier thanks to poor air quality.

More than 660 million Indians are exposed to high air pollution as they live in areas where the fine particulate matter (PM2.5) exceeds the permissible limit.

People in the national capital would live six years longer if its air quality met the national standards, says a report by researchers from the University of Chicago and Harvard Kennedy School.

Indians can live longer..

The report suggests that If India were to achieve its own air quality standards, life expectancy would increase by more than one year on an average. This number would increase to four years if India were to meet the World Health Organisation’s norms! (via).

As a citizen, what are your priorities? Free WiFi (in the name of development) OR Free and clean air?

Well, decide till you can.

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