Doesn’t matter whether you have an infra like Singapore or not, but you can always have policies like them.

Starting Jan 2018, those who will purchase a car worth Rs 10 lakh and above, will have to shell out half the price of the car as road tax, which at present is 6% the cost of the vehicle.

Those interested in purchasing a car will have to buy a certificate of entitlement (COE) from the administration after paying a prescribed fee. The certificate will grant the person legal right to own, register and use vehicles within the city for a period of 10 years [source]

Plus, when you are buying the car you’d be needed to submit a certificate of availability of parking space.

A step in the right direction? How is the public transportation in Chandigarh (compared to Singapore)?

Note that this is a draft policy and is awaiting feedback/approval from the stakeholders.

You can’t buy a car in Singapore from Feb 2018 onwards.

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