• Is blockchain a solution to IoT security problems?

    Blockchain study finds 0.00% success rate

    Where is your distributed ledger technology now? Reserachers documented 43 blockchain use-cases through internet searches, most of which were described with glowing claims like “operational costs… reduced up to 90%,” or with the assurance of “accurate and secure data capture and storage.” They found a proliferation of press releases, white papers, and persuasively written articles. […]

  • Keep a close eye on your crypto portfolio with this app

    Much like maintaining a portfolio of stocks, cryptocurrency traders require maintenance of their portfolios. And with the ever-growing list of cryptocurrencies, it has become quite a headache. It is interesting to see how crypto portfolio apps have grown feature-by-feature parallel to their stock market counterparts. Coin Stats, primarily a mobile app available across platforms, allows […] More

  • Forbes would start using Blockchain for publishing, early next year!

    Forbes would start publishing some of it’s cryptocurrency related content, using Blockchain technology. It plans to do so by early next year. Thus becoming, the first major media company to incorporate blockchain technology in publishing. It is tying up with Civil (a non-profit media company). It is a decentralised ledger on cloud, that records when […] More

  • Why governments should be slow and careful with blockchains

    Blockchain technology is very nascent. Building long-term tamper-resistant public infrastructure on top of a fast moving tech is *VERY* risky. What happens if the current cryptographic algorithms (hashing / encryption / digital signatures) get broken by scientific advancements such as quantum computing? Or the consensus algorithms turn out to have vulnerabilities that hostile actors […]

  • Blockchain Gets Meaty: UK Food Standard Agency to Use Blockchain Technology in Their Food Supply Chain

    UK food regulator, the Food Standard Agency (FSA) made an announcement recently regarding the successful use of Blockchain technology in accomplishing their first pilot for using Blockchain to ensure compliance in the food sector. The pilot was tested successfully in a cattle slaughterhouse. Both the FSA and the slaughterhouse were allowed to access the data. […] More

  • UK Housing Minister to Use Blockchain to Rebuild Societal Trust

    A report was released about Blockchain by the Housing Minister of UK, Eddie Hughes, recently, who urged the government to “show leadership” by making the exploration of Blockchain and its benefits a priority. Even though the government has confirmed that they’re investigating Blockchain’s potential in currently, it still remains unsure that if lawmakers will derive […] More

  • Bermuda Government to Make Changes in Banking Act to Support Blockchain-Based Companies

    Finextra recently reported that the Government of Bermuda has planned to make modifications in the Banking Act in order to provide services to local fintech and Blockchain-based organizations. Banks’ reluctant nature towards Blockchain-based companies has led the government to rethink its Banking Act. Banks in Bermuda have been apprehensive of providing services to the local […] More

  • Almonds, Australia and Blockchain

    An experiment backed by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia has shown what happens when one tries to track an international shipment of almonds. This was done, alongside existing processes, to facilitate the shipping of 17 tonnes of almonds from Sunraysia in Victoria to Hamburg in Germany. With sensors in shipping containers and data on private […] More

  • More Women eager to invest in crypto this year

    The first half of 2018 saw cryptocurrency investment by women increase from 6% to 13%. According to the reports revealed by the UK cryptocurrency exchange Block Exchange, millennial women are showing a keen interest in cryptocurrencies, with one out of five women wishing to invest in them. The research has also highlighted the differences in […] More

  • Brazil to use Blockchain to enable Data Sharing among Financial Regulators

    Finextra recently reported that Brazil’s central bank has created a permissioned digital ledger platform for facilitating the sharing of data among financial regulators. The ledger called the Information Integration Platform for Regulators (Pier) will be used by the Regulators for facilitating the exchange of information from general authorization process to the conduct of employees. In […] More

  • Singapore Airline launches Blockchain based Digital Wallet; Convert air miles into crypto currency

    Can frequent-fliers convert air miles into digital currency? Yes, at Singapore Airlines they can. From now on. Thanks to the digital wallet app it has unveiled that will be accessible for users of the airline’s ‘KrisFlyer’ frequent flyer program. The aviation player is using its own in-house private blockchain technology, tested through a PoC, so […] More

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