Bangalore Police launches SURAKSHA App : A Well Integrated effort !

Bangalore City Police has launched Suraksha, an integrated app to make Bangalore safe for women

The App turns your Smartphone into a discreet personal safety device for use during emergency. A call of service to Police can be triggered by simply activating the SOS button like icon on your cell phone.

What’s the difference from several such safety apps ? Well, the app is integrated with city policeĀ  (Hoysala) and eventually, you will be able to get help in 15 minutes.

Key Features
– Will be triggered by pressing the power button 5 times
– 10 Seconds video clip will be recorded and uploaded
– Trigger Police to assist you in emergency.
– Send SOS Alerts to Friends and Relatives.
– Integrated to Police Computer Aided Dispatch System
– Enable real-time trace and track through GPS


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