• Bermuda Government to Make Changes in Banking Act to Support Blockchain-Based Companies

    Finextra recently reported that the Government of Bermuda has planned to make modifications in the Banking Act in order to provide services to local fintech and Blockchain-based organizations. Banks’ reluctant nature towards Blockchain-based companies has led the government to rethink its Banking Act. Banks in Bermuda have been apprehensive of providing services to the local […] More

  • More Women eager to invest in crypto this year

    The first half of 2018 saw cryptocurrency investment by women increase from 6% to 13%. According to the reports revealed by the UK cryptocurrency exchange Block Exchange, millennial women are showing a keen interest in cryptocurrencies, with one out of five women wishing to invest in them. The research has also highlighted the differences in […] More

  • Brazil to use Blockchain to enable Data Sharing among Financial Regulators

    Finextra recently reported that Brazil’s central bank has created a permissioned digital ledger platform for facilitating the sharing of data among financial regulators. The ledger called the Information Integration Platform for Regulators (Pier) will be used by the Regulators for facilitating the exchange of information from general authorization process to the conduct of employees. In […] More

  • Baidu is launching Interstellar Blockchain Game

    Baidu has created a Blockchain game called “Du Yuzhou” (translates to ‘the universe’ in English). The game has been described as an “open blockchain interplanetary journey” and will allow players to build their own planets with the elements they receive while using the features of Blockchain. The website described the game as a magical world […] More

  • Crypto movie stars: Beau Knapp, Alexis Bledel and Kurt RussellCrypto movie stars: Beau Knapp, Alexis Bledel and Kurt Russell

    “Crypto” : The First movie by Hollywood on Cryptocurrency to Begin Shooting

    According to an industry media report, Hollywood is all set to start the shooting first movie focused on cryptocurrency this year. Having a cast of actors from highly acclaimed TV series like Westworld and Mad Men, the movie “Crypto” will be focused on the laundering of valuable digital assets. Beau Knapp of Netflix’s Seven Seconds […] More

  • Bahamas planning to launch government-backed digital currency

    Jamaica Observer recently reported that the Central bank of Bahamas is ready to launch a government-based pilot digital currency. The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of the Bahamas, K Peter Turnquest at the Bahamas Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Conference announced that the expansion of wholly digital payment is a way ahead for today’s era […] More