abhishek rai

I work as an Apprentice Fisherman, for past 18 months at a fishing village called Arambol, North Goa. I earned my stripes, in September 2018, and now I go out in Arabian Sea, whenever the crew feels it is safe (and they need an extra hand). As far as Startups are concerned, I have been there and done that of my own, for 52 months. I still tinker, all the time. Most of my free time now is spent either on shore or in jungles and fields nearby. I am very big on self-learning, and have broad and wide interests; also having completed successfully free online courses from best universities of the world, in diverse subjects. Previously, I have lead large sales and operations team, of more than 400 people, nationally. And then I read, and as you know now, write also! PS: Please feel free to write to me with feedback and suggestions. That shall help me a lot in improving my writing. Thanks so very much for reading!

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