• Why a subscription model like Amazon Prime? #PrimeDay

    Amazon Prime day is just around the corner on 16th July. Each year, amazon tries to keep the faith among its loyal subscribers by unleashing never before deals available only to Prime Members, and gets the most signup done for its Prime Subscription. Prime promises free and fast delivery of selected products, regardless of order […] More

  • Facebook lost a case, we lost more

    Facebook lost its case against the bulk search warrants in the NewYork court of appeals after a protracted legal battle. Facebook was arguing that it can appeal against data requests from law enforcement agencies, where it felt that the request was excessive. The news looks pretty harmless. I mean when we all signed up for […] More

  • Ecommerce sales (Image credit: Wikimedia)

    Hey Flipkart, Snapdeal, Paytm let’s restructure, create some value and kick some…

    It’s high time that the infighting between eCommerce startups out of India stopped, specially Snapdeal and Flipkart. The writing is on the wall, and there is no way that these companies have enough resources to compete with say, companies named after rivers. If you truly want to beat the competition, learn from Indian history, stop […] More