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Stop Working On That Feedly Substitute, Facebook now Saves!

Face Save can open up a veritable Pandora’s box of businesses it starts to step on the toes of.

Dear E-Tailer/E-Trader/E-Seller, Here’s ONE Metric You Should Watch

Online ones these days flaunt turnover, or in the case of marketplaces, GMV. Is that any good at all?

These 35+ Aged Entrepreneurs Don’t Get this!

When Idea made that ad about the mobile representing an individual and everything in their life, they were closer to the truth than they probably realized. WhatsApp did, and that’s what made it so valuable to Facebook.

Healthcare startups : MedReach finds you a doc, Healthians finds health checkups

Healthcare is a recession-proof market. While big corporate healthcare has occupied the branded healthcare space - even beyond the big towns - startups have woken up to to the opportunity and possibilities fairly recently.

Barter.li : Sharing, Mobile, Books, Community, Hyperlocal. Done Right.

The idea - barter.li is a community-based android app through which we aim to create libraries in every corner of the world and share a billion books.

PickParcel Aggregates Courier Services. And Picks From Your Doorstep!

The core offering is definitely useful (though they do expect folks to measure each parcel strictly in centimeters - all three dimensions!) both as an individual or if you run a small business - give this one a shot.

Does Yo Make Sense? At $1 Million It Must.

Just like missed calls have become a very valuable tool and business in India, Yo could in the realm of apps. With deep linking, it’ll become trivial for apps to use this to ping folks, send acknowledgements and even get a show of hands from within a group.

Startup Pickcel Want To Be The Cloud Based DIY Digital Signage for Communication & Marketing

A cloud based content delivery platform - both public and private options - and a device (Pickcel Player) before the TV set that syncs, stores, schedules (alongside DTH content) and plays content as asked to on the TV, even when it’s offline

Is It Fishing?

Entrepreneurship, at some level, is also a very expensive hobby.

The Travel Agent Industry is Broken. Ripe for Disruption!

It is quite amazing that the tech enabled OTAs haven’t disrupted the agent model yet - they’re all mostly playing the same information access game - that is not something that will continue to be defensible as a business model too long. Both search engines, as well as social, are making it possible for even small, well run places to connect with their audiences directly.

5 Evil Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Facebook : Show No Mercy

In their march towards this goal, they’ve crossed many a grey line. Scratch that. They’ve gone outright bad pretty often. And yes, we think startups should learn from some of this.

A 100 Countries’ GDP Vs. The Value of Fickle Users’ Attention

But nineteen billion? Just not quite adding up in the context of the planet we live on.

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