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Q & C Nano: A smart water dispenser which uses 7X less energy

It is the world’s first smart, and smallest home, small office water dispenser. It uses 7x less energy than the average water dispensers. It has the first ever slide and drink touch interface. It has a beautiful sleek and clean design. It can be controlled and maintaned via the Q&C App. Godollo GET IT About the Nano team. Nano is designed by Q&C, which has delivered water dispensers ...

Vognition brings natural language voice controls to your smart home

Natural Language Voice Controls For The Smart Home. Vognition offers the only smart home voice portal solution that lets you choose any mobile device, wearable or smart home controller to give a voice command. New York, New York GET IT Notes from the founders. Michael V. Liguori is a software engineer that became an entrepreneur. He developed a contextually aware platform, Vognition, that comprehe...

Clankart helps students buy used books/study materials from seniors inside the college

Clankart is a Punjab based online Marketplace that aims to eradicate the hassles faced by the students in purchasing books, tools and other study materials. At Clankart, students can buy, sell study materials from their seniors/junior grads inside their College bypassing middleman’s commission. Bathinda GET IT Notes from the founders. Clankart’s idea is to facilitate the students to ge...

Freelancers: Get this free and fully functional time tracking tool to grow your business

Clockify is a completely free and unlimited time tracking tool, perfect for freelancers businesses of all sizes and anyone else who needs to track their work hours. Add as many users and projects as you want, it’s completely free. Belmont GET IT Notes from the founders. As an owner of a software development company, founder and CEO of Clockify, Sean Milanovic decided he had paid enough for t...

CanvasJS Charts : The HTML5 charting library gets better

CanvasJS is an HTML5 Charting library that runs across devices and browsers and has 10x Performance Compared to traditional SVG charting Libraries.

StupidChat : The new social network for anonymous chat and sharing

Social Media is full with Fake News, trolls, memes and harassment. No one is bared even celebrities. StupidChat is brining a platform for users to be open and free to connect, chat and share with people around them without the fear of being judged or criticised, anonymously and secretly.

Sketchcase turns your laptop into a portable whiteboard.

Sketchcase turns your laptop into a portable whiteboard.

Wanna rent a bike? Go Wheelstreet

India being an upcoming millennial population, its transportation method remains outdated while facing problems such as pollution and traffic.

Nanobag – The ultimate carry everywhere bag

Ultralight, ultrastrong, ultraportable; The Nanobag easily fits into your pocket and ensures that you always have a bag handy.

Browse and search your Gmail storage (including attachments) using Dittach

You have multiple GB of stuff stored in Gmail but no way of accessing it directly: Our new plugin lets you browse and search your email storage, making it a snap to find attachments and manage what you have stored on Gmail’s servers.

WorkApps Chat : chat solution for large distributed teams

WorkApps Chat is secure chat for large distributed enterprise teams.

Mailbox running out of storage? Try CleanEmail

CleanEmail helps you manage your mailbox: group and organize, remove, label, and archive emails in your account just in some clicks.

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