This country banned Samosas! And here is the reason why

Even the thought of banning samosa is such a criminal one, but then the world has its own weirdness!

Al-Shabaab group in Somalia for some reasons considered too much resemblance of Samosa with Chrisitan Holy Trinity associating Samosa with “hate” and “intolerance”.

They went so far that in July 2011, the extremist group used vehicles mounted with loudspeakers announcing ban of Samosas. ┬áSamosas were considered too “offensive” and “Christian”.

This move meant that people would be punished if seen eating or cooking a Samosa.

Meet billionaire Indian who had 2% equivalent economy of US in 1940. Guess his net worth of the time.

Mir Osman Ali Khan, who was the last Nizam of Hyderabad was the richest person in the world in 1940 with a wealth of 2 billion dollars. This was equivalent to 2% of total US economy at that time.

He established Hyderabad Bank in 1941 and introduced his own currency called Osmania Sikka.

He ordered a 200mn dollar ostrich egg shaped diamond which he used as paper weight.

Despite his riches, he was very frugal. Some facts suggest he used to knit his own socks, would borrow cigarettes from guests and wore same patched clothes for months.

What a Nizam!!