Patanjali Recorded Rs. 10561 crores in turnover; Toothpaste stands at 940 cr revenue

While you were reading about the next big camera app from Silicon Valley, Baba Ramdev is building a solid FMCG desi business.

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If not vanity metrics, then what else?

Majority of startups are built on vanity metrics (GMV/ PV/ Downloads etc etc). But what do startups actually need?

Clarity metrics. and Sanity metrics.

Clarity metrics are operational metrics, like the number of minutes a day your product actually gets used or how long it took for a user to get service. These are the hidden gears that drive growth. Use them to solidify your competitive advantage.


Sonu Nigam walks the talk; time to troll the trolls

Sonu Nigam actually got his head shaved after a maulvi issued a fatwa against him for his statement on the loudspeaker noise.

Jiss insaan ne poori zindagi Mohd Rafi sahab ko apna pita maana hai, jiske guru ka naam Ustad Gulam Mustafa Khan sahab hai,  Us insan ke baare mein koi aisa soche, kahe ya taint kare ki anti-Muslim,toh ye meri problem nahi hai, ye aapki problem hai:Sonu Nigam.

In one shot, he has shut down the trolls and has disarmed them. Maybe this is the way forward given how reactive and intolerant Indians have become. 

Image credit :ANI. 

This Kerala bar has taken the word jugaad to a new level #AlcoholBan

So the SC said no more liquor shops and bars within 500 metres of national/state highways. Right?

So what would you do? Well, if you are Chandigarh government, you will change your state highways to district roads to circumvent the ban; but if you are Aishwarya Restobar in Kerala, you will do something really crazy (rather mazy) creative.

Rather than sulk and take to Facebook / social media to crib about the rule and eventually give up, the owner of a Kerala bar decided to take another route and build a 250- 300 metre path that leads to his restobar (via)

Though it costed them Rs 2 lakh to do this, the great Indian jugaad does follow the SC order and frankly speaking, takes the word jugaad to a different level.

Your turn, SC.
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And the ugliest color in the world is ?

Research agency GfK was asked by the Australian Government to find a color that would make people want to quit smoking.

The study conducted last year used a pool of more than 1,000 smokers to find out which colors were the most visually offensive.

At the end of the day, this brown-green hybrid came out on top.

Pantone448c : The ugliest color
Pantone448c : The ugliest color

That’s Pantone 448 C.

What is Australian government going to do with it?

This ‘ugly’ color will be used on a variety of cigarette packs around the world in an effort to make the packaging look less attractive to current and prospective smokers (via).

India beats China. Now has world’s worst air pollution


India has managed to beat China – but not in parameters we should be proud of.

As per a joint study by Health Effects Institute in Boston and the Seattle-based Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation, India’s toxic air is now contributing to nearly 1.1 million deaths a year, and the country is on its way toward standing alone as the site of the deadliest air pollution problem on the planet.

India Air Pollution Data (Vs Global Means)
India Air Pollution Data (Vs Global Means)

Air pollution is so bad in many cities that the physical benefits of cycling get erased after just 30 minutes of breathing in the microscopic particles that are the main contributor to air-pollution-related deaths (via).

Data :

The Real Life Rabbit Vs. Tortoise Race

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