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2017 Technology trends that will continue in 2018

This year, we witnessed some noteworthy technologies being introduced and mainstreamed. In 2018, these technologies will make an even bigger splash. 2017 has been an exciting year as far as technology is concerned. Breakthrough inventions in mobility, medicine, payments technology, computing have kept us on our toes. Whether it is the self-driving vehicles or the reversing of paralysis with brain ...

How Do We Put Trust In A Trustless System?

This one is going to be quick and short. Ignore the typos! Blockchain has been crushing and redefining every industry that is coming in its way. We can see it happening in every traditional business from business and finance to social media platforms like Facebook & Twitter. However, there is a reason that only 0.5% of the world’s population has a cryptocurrency wallet. Well, the reason is pre...

Neuromarketing: Decoding the Human Brain and Psychology of Marketing

Do you know Zukerman - the guy who invented pop-up Ads has apologized in an interview for creating such a kind of ad which is very irritating to all

How we redesigned our Product in 5 months [Lessons learned: Stop selling products]

After spending 4 months accelerating my startup at Techstars, I realized that what most of tech startups are selling is an experience. Hi there! I’m Hannah, founder and CEO at Babbler. We change the way PR gets done by connecting companies with relevant reporters. We completed Techstars accelerator in Austin in May 2017 and decided to join this journey for 3 reasons:

Chat bots – Designing conversations [Part 3]

This article is the third in the series I’m writing about chat bots. Part 1 dealt about the use cases related to chat bots and the part 2 was about some pitfalls associated with building them. In this part let’s discuss about how we can start the process of designing a conversation. Fancy two sets of conversations

How Canva grew the blog traffic by 226.47%?

Canva knows the interest of their audience.

Is “AI” Turning Into A Meaningless Buzzword?

Today AI is really just a bunch of conditional statements and advanced programming tricks.

Top mistakes building chat bots [Bots are like messaging apps]

In the last article (read: Decoding Chat bot use cases), we looked at various ways chat bots can be leveraged. Some of the pitfalls that me and my team came across and maneuvered (some of them the hard way) while building one can be used as best practices when taking the chat bot building journey.

Decoding Chat bots – A look at chat bot use cases [Part 1]

Chat bots are the current hype and everyone seems to be searching for use cases to introduce chat bots in their applications. We’ve been working on creating a learning chat bot and the lessons learnt prompted me to write about how do we build better bots (with the current technology). The reason we see a lot of frustration around using bots is that in a hurry to build them, a lot of times, a bad u...

When Indian words and Khichdi go global

As our own desi, favourite comfort food Khichdi gets international tadka of fame and at the same time the clutch of few desi words make their entry into the Oxford Dictionary, it seems like not only Indians but Indian-ness is also in trend . Last week witnessed a rapid succession of three Indian news making their way to the global headlines. Khichdi– an Indian dish consisting chiefly of rice, lent...

Product Prioritization : how to decide which feature to launch

In my current role at WebEngage, my primary responsibility is to build a retention marketing product for B2C companies that would help them drive revenues from their existing customers. Our product has been around for a while. While we’ve been iterating on the product almost on a daily basis, there came a time when we wanted to take a structured approach to building the product, both from a short-...

How Blockchain is set to Revolutionize Elections

Hey man. I want you to ask yourself a question first. How many things around you have changed in the past 15 years? Travelling? Uber is there. Yeah. Banking? Online Payments make life easier than ever before. Yeah. Shopping? Amazon. Hell yeah. (You bought something from Amazon yesterday only. Right?) But, Voting in Elections? Hell No! WHY? Why do you think everything in this world is available onl...

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