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China’s APUS Group acquires Indian startup, Siftr Labs

Siftr Labs has developed a proprietary Computer Vision Engine that can perform multiple ground-breaking tasks including object identification, facial recognition, age and gender detection,

For the first time ever, India becomes Net Exporter of Electricity

Ever since the cross border trade of electricity started in mid-Eighties, India has been importing power from Bhutan and marginally exporting to Nepal i

Bitcoins usage can attract anti-money laundering law in India

“The absence of counter parties in usage of virtual currencies including Bitcoins, for illicit and illegal activities in anonymous/pseudonymous systems could subject the users to unintentional breaches of anti-money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism laws,” Minister of State for Finance, Arjun Ram Meghwal, said in a written reply in the Rajya Sabha. “No regulator...

Books I Recommend: Shashank ND, Practo.

In our attempt to bring different perspectives and enable the NextBigWhat audience to learn new new things, we have started a weekly series (every Tuesday) called ‘Books I Recommend‘.

Truecaller goes big in India: Launches TruePay, Partners with ICICI, Integrates with Duo

Truecaller today announced its largest ever brand and product transformation. The new Truecaller app takes control of your SMS Inbox (hello, WhatsApp). Other features include: SMS: Instantly see who’s SMS’ing you and filter out all spam messages. Spam SMS account for 15% of all SMS messages sent globally, and represents 1.2 trillion spam messages each year. Flash Messaging: Send quick pre-defined ...

Everything you need to know about Startup India program and the road ahead

The govt’s StartupIndia program has completed a year and here are the next set of actions the government is undertaking to drive the success of this program. NextBigWhat: Who is the core audience for StartupIndia program? The tie-1 entrepreneurs or small city founders? The core audience for Startup India program is any aspiring Startup and existing Startups irrespective of any state or city....

Updates on Stayzilla case and FAQs on rumors floating around.

Date : March 28th, 8 PM. Yogi’s bail has been rejected. No words. Stayzilla founder, Yogi is still in the jail and we will only get to know by tomm on the bail application. There are several rumors / sentiments flying around the case (specifically around non-payment of dues to the vendor). This post will give you the necessary information. But first, here are the update on Yogi case: The bai...

15 Aadhar Memes that are truly..Aadhar like authentic and pure.

Truly we are reaching a totalitarian time where government would know (and control) everything about you and in turn, citizens will have no transparency of govt's working.

Lateral Thinking : Look how these women in Bihar are saving trees #MaxInspiring

So what different can you do to stop people from cutting down the trees? Well, women from Madhubani district in Bihar, in order to save environment and stop cutting down the trees have started painting Madhubani paintings on the tree. Madhubani paintings depict several religious themes. To make the painting on a tree, women and girls first paint the tree trunk with lime. This creates a white base ...

“Mobile consumers in India are night owls” and more insights from Flurry report

Indian mobile consumers are phablet lovers, with the form factor size securing 61% of the market share in India.

React, Rust and Redis wins developer love globally [Report]

React is the most loved among developers, whereas Cordova is the most dreaded.

The Airtel-Jio tussle and India’s unique challenge #DualSIM

Jio: There is no guarantee that the speed which is attributed to Airtel is of the Airtel data network!

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