• 37% AI Researchers believe that AI will have adverse impact by 2030

    Experts say the rise of artificial intelligence will make most people better off over the next decade, but many have concerns about how advances in AI will affect what it means to be human, to be productive and to exercise free will. In 2030, the greatest set of questions will involve how perceptions of […]

  • JioSaavn: Watch out, Bharat-focused Audio/Voice startups

    Jio acquired Saavn and the integrated service, JioSaavn has been launched. The service will be offered on a freemium model in India with all users having access to the ad-supported product. Jio subscribers would enjoy seamless access to the integrated app. Additionally, as part of this launch, Jio users will also get a 90-day extended […] More

  • Announcing: Blockchain Course for Product Managers and Business Executives

    Blockchain is the new Internet and is all set to create new business models and newer ways of dealing with networks and data. As a product manager or business leader, its imperative for you to stay ahead of the proverbial learning curve and really geek on Blockchain – understand various applications, use-cases of Blockchain and […] More

  • Is it WeWork vs. the rest in India

    Just out of curiosity, I looked around for brand searches for WeWork vs. the rest of coworking spaces in India and here is what I found: Clearly, more customers are searching for WeWork vs others. Is it okay to say that: WeWork is building a brand, while others are focused on selling seats? Isn’t this […] More

  • The hard skills needed to become a great product manager

    Product management is as much about the soft-skills (of negotiation, articulation etc) as it is of the hard skills. In fact, on a daily basis – it is a ‘hard job’ with different hard skills needed to move up the ladder. While the answer for hard skills might vary depending on your industry, here are […] More

  • Air Canada Trialling Blockchain System to Reduce Complexities and Costs

    The #DigitalFine: Indigo and SpiceJet make web check-in paid service

    Both Indigo and Spicejet airlines have made web check-in a paid service. While Check-ins at airports will be free, you will have to pay Rs. 100 for web check-in at IndiGo and Rs. 99 for SpiceJet airlines. An Important milestone for #DigitalIndia Are the airlines right in doing so? Consumers definitely don’t believe so, but […] More

  • Jeff Bezos in India : Akkha India ka don kaun?

    Again: Congrats Amazon. Flipkart mess continues

    Bansals are out of Flipkart. Now, Myntra CEO and CFO have quit the company. The CEO will continue and from what it seems, Myntra and Jabong will be merged. Jabong is expected to lay off a significant portion of its workforce in Gurgaon as part of a restructuring at Flipkart Group (source). Flipkart senior execs […] More

  • Zomato is maturing up..will own the entire food chain #farmtofork

    The one grudge I have with most consumer startups is that they only focus on one thing: using every rule in the book to drive (meaningless) consumption. They make people eat (and consume) more. They make people stop going outside and talk to others (max out on screen time) They throw soft porn at them […] More

  • Fidelity Digital Assets Lead: Crypto And Blockchain Will Surge in 2019

    Twitter character limit and human behavior

    When Twitter increased its length character limit to 280, the world started writing them off (again!) and called the entire experiment a useless exercise. The results are out. There are more pleasantries on Twitter than earlier. Last year, we upgraded tweet length to 280 and guess what? Use of 'please' is up 54% and 'thank […] More

  • puzzle

    Introducing the new avatar of NextBigWhat

    Dussehra signifies the victory of good over bad, truth over lie.  And this Dussehra, we are happy to unveil our new brand identity and most importantly, what the new avatar of what Next.Big.What stands for (there are a lot of changes – especially the fact that we don’t cover news anymore). #TheNEXT We started because […] More

  • The most important decision I took 2 years back..

    Well, I stopped reading news. I stopped consuming not just the mainstream politics news, but importantly, all of startup ecosystem (i.e. funding, M&A and related categories). For instance, if you really ask me: I have no idea how much did Paytm (or a new startup) raised or what is Flipkart (+ employees) doing with all […] More

  • You Know you are unfit for Product Management when..

    As part of our Product Management course, I often end up talking to a lot of aspirants who look at product management as the next big career move and a move which will make them famous, rich, sexy and have a (more) meaningful career (not sure of the order though). Most of the product management […] More

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