Ashish Sinha

Ashish Sinha is founder of, now known as NextBigWhat. He can be reached at: ashish (at)

  • Airbnb Growth Story

    Airbed and Breakfast is now Airbnb—a household name that has surpassed industry legacy Hilton Hotels in nights booked. The company has received $776.4M from investors like Y Combinator, Sequoia Capital, Keith Rabois, Andreessen Horowitz, Ashton Kutcher, Founders Fund, and TPG Growth in a total of seven funding rounds—the last of which raised $500M alone. Not […] More

  • Track Trains Real Time With Trvlr App; Works without any network connection

    Trvlr app helps you track trains on a real time basis. Data or NO Data it can still track the journey and predict the ETA simply on GPS. Whether you are on Howrah track, Chennai track, Mumbai track, Jammu track, Hyderabad track, it works everywhere without any network connection (just needs GPS). It will work […] More

  • 100 days of rejection : What can it teach you?

    By seeking out rejection for 100 days – right from asking a stranger to borrow $100 to requesting a “burger refill” at a restaurant, Jia Jiang desensitized himself to the pain and shame that rejection often brings and, in the process, discovered that “simply asking for what you want can open up possibilities where you […] More

  • The Email Marketing Psychology Guide

    How to use marketing psychology in your email marketing for email list growth, clickthroughs, and sales. My favourite : Use reciprocity to collect more emails. You can use this principle to increase email subscribers by creating something of extremely high value and giving it away for free. More

  • The 37 best websites for learning a new skill

    They can teach you anything. Take an online course edX—Take online courses from the world’s best universities. Coursera—Take the world’s best courses, online, for free. Coursmos—Take a micro-course anytime you want, on any device. Highbrow—Get bite-sized daily courses to your inbox. Skillshare—Online classes and projects that unlock your creativity. Curious—Grow your skills with online video […] More

  • How Baxi Made Its Offline App (works seamlessly without Internet connection)

    Baxitaxi is an on-demand motorcycle taxi company which launched its offline app (much before Ola, I believe). Here is a quick excerpt from what went into developing the app. The singular reason to create such an app was to solve a real problem faced by our customers—to make it easy for them to use our […] More