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Snapdeal: Is this a scam ?

All I am supposed to do is buy minimum Rs. 5,000/ worth of product from Snapdeal and the deal will be automatically activated.

Flipkart is acquiring eBay India. One more mistake?

Culturally, the two companies are totally different.

The ‘Good Enough’ Product

Lately, I have been thinking about the products that I use on a daily basis. Right from my phone to different software / hardware to the vehicles and here is a simple observation. Most of the products that have stuck are ‘good enough’ for me. For e.g. my XUV is just good enough for me (feature pack vs. utility vs. price matrix). I could have gone for a much better (and costlier) produc...

Housing has an ESOP issue over Rahul Yadav’s shares.

The way the shares have been awarded to a single individual goes against the employees of company as well as raises questions on why board took this step.

Of WhatsApp and how BJP’s IT cell won the UP elections

“Conscious mind mein baat dalna mushkil hota hai. Unconscious mind mein baatein–agenda dalna aasan hai (It’s difficult to embed an idea into someone’s conscious mind. It is easier to feed agendas into an unconscious one).” The IT cell had verified data for 1.3 crore people, who in the coming months became consumers of BJP’s online and telephonic campaign and propaganda. The primary target of...

Why am I supporting Yogi

So there are many different opinions floating on the web around Stayzilla issue. Of course, majority of the community is rallying for Yogi, here is what you need to know. Qn: Stayzilla owes money to the vendor? The two teams (Stayzilla and the vendor) have been debating this for quite some time over the service quality delivered. None of the third parties (i.e. non-Stayzilla and vendor core team) ...

Stayzilla case : The other side of this story ..

As per Jigsaw, Stayzilla owes Rs 1,56,32,992 to Jigsaw agency.

The Uber Bombshell About to Drop

In the last few weeks Alphabet filed a lawsuit against Uber. Alphabet and Waymo (Alphabet’s self-driving car company) allege that Anthony Levandowski, an ex-Waymo manager, stole confidential and proprietary information from Waymo, then used it in his own self-driving truck startup, Otto. Uber acquired Otto in August 2016, so the suit was filed against Uber, not Otto. Reading between the lines, (in...

Maternity Bill : Will it help? Or hurt?

"Will you give 6 months of paid maternity leave to your pregnant maid?"

Hey Entrepreneurs : The Basics of Business Hasn't Changed Much

It’s simple. Spot an opportunity -> Play the ball -> Play more -> Take risk -> Play more -> Take more risk -> Play more and more -> Stay Happy. Watch this wonderful short film!

Of QR code, consumers and pain does create tech use-cases

For many years, companies have been trying to make QR code look cool. Right from device manufacturers to the advertising agencies, they all have been many (creative) attempts to get QR code to mainstream audience. But then, most of them actually failed miserably (especially in India), even though most of the devices supported QR code readers (apps). But then, something happened in 2016 and well, Q...

WhatsApp Status : Are you really using it?

So WhatsApp launched Status few days back. While the founders stated that the launch was a result of discussion between the founders on how to improve the status feature, you can’t ignore the fact that it was timed to dampen Facebook’s rival, Snap’s IPO. But then, few days into Status and I think people have given up on the feature (anecdotally speaking). Primarily because : It m...

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