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BrandMaxima is a SaaS-based Social Video Intelligence & Analytics platform.

Updates on Stayzilla case and FAQs on rumors floating around.

Stayzilla founder, Yogi is still in the jail and we will only get to know by tomm on the bail applic...

Yalgaar ho !

The Indian startup ecosystem is in a deeper shit – downrounds, shutdowns, layoffs are the new ...

15 Aadhar Memes that are truly..Aadhar like authentic and pure.

Truly we are reaching a totalitarian time where government would know (and control) everything about...

How do you deal with unhappy customers

A happy customer is one who feels listened to and attended to!

Snapdeal: Is this a scam ?

All I am supposed to do is buy minimum Rs. 5,000/ worth of product from Snapdeal and the deal will b...

Lateral Thinking : Look how these women in Bihar are saving trees #MaxInspiring

So what different can you do to stop people from cutting down the trees? Well, women from Madhubani ...

Flipkart is acquiring eBay India. One more mistake?

Culturally, the two companies are totally different.

“Mobile consumers in India are night owls” and more insights from Flurry report

Indian mobile consumers are phablet lovers, with the form factor size securing 61% of the market sha...

React, Rust and Redis wins developer love globally [Report]

React is the most loved among developers, whereas Cordova is the most dreaded.

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